Monday, March 21, 2011

Manic Monday

Why does Monday always sneak up on me?

So today I am going to try something new, something I have never done for Mondays... I am going to add a linky at the bottom for you all to link up to, so I can read about your Manic Monday, which basically recaps your weekend and plans for today/the rest of the week.

So here it goes!!

My weekend was pretty much laid back!! In fact, I actually blogged this weekend!! If you missed them, you can find them HERE and HERE.

Friday night - M and I just relaxed.

Saturday - M and I started our Spring cleaning list, which was posted on Sunday. Actually Saturday's activities was posted on Sunday... I know, I threw off my manic Monday post by blogging spontaneously!! Sorry! Here is the link again!!

Sunday - M started working on the spring cleaning projects outside! He even found time to install my blue tooth visor in my car, among other projects!! He also started putting up the garage door opener!! Hence I said started, as in it is not finished. He was planning on going back out after dinner, but his fire pager had other plans! He had a chimney fire! So, by the time he got home, it was dark and he was exhausted!! Love my hero!! It is almost finished though!! While he was on the call, I took the girl's for a walk and worked on my blog.

You will notice the song list has been updated, as well as a few of my sidebars, like the book I am trying to read and total km walked!  

So, let's here all about yours!!! Link Up Please!!

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