Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

I am linking up with Taylor for Top 2 Tuesday!!! Head on over to play along!!

Carrie Underwood Curly Style
Carrie Underwood Disses Taylor Swift_1
As you can tell, I might LOVE Carrie Underwood's hair! I am also loving the long flowy curly hair styles!! I stuck with just one celebrity!


Lyndsay said...

I'm always a fan of Carrie's hairstyles too. She has gorgeous hair!

Michelle said...

She does have AMAZING hair. I love the first length and color even more than it longer and curlier.

kebowman said...

she certainly has amazing hair... and amazing money to pay to have it! bahahaha!

super cute blog! :)
come see me!


Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

i LOVE that 2nd picture!!

love your blog!!

Rebekah said...

CU has great hair!

Diana said...

I love her curls!

Anna said...

I don't blame you for just sticking with one celebrity! Carrie Underwood has such great hair!

Rebecca said...

Seems Carrie Underwood was a popular choice today! I picked her too :) New follower!


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