Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Manic Monday on Tuesday!!!

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday!! I don't even really have an excuse!!

So what happened on the weekend? How did the shower go?

Friday night I went to N and M's ball game with K and G and the men actually won their game!!! Wahoo!! So to celebrate we stopped for ice cream afterwards!

Saturday morning I was up early and off to the market we went and I had to pick up the cake!! I wasn't able to take too many pictures at the shower because I was very busy, but I did take a few, however they will not be coming today, as I haven't even uploaded them! I headed to set up for the shower around 12:00. The shower was great, no problems and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!!

Now we just have to figure out the Bachlorette. Timing for this is not easy, as we all have tight schedules, especially myself, with having 2 other weddings in the picture as well!

After the shower Nicole and I headed to London to pick up her wedding band. We also hit up Cinnabon!!! I have not hate Cinnabon in YEARS and oh how the price has gone up!! But it was super tasty, I still have one left over for tomorrow!  We went out for dinner and then headed back!

Sunday was pretty low key, we had M and J over for dinner and then the guys were going to go golfing, Jenn really wanted to go too, however I was a bit reluctant because I had not golfed in over 12 years!!! UM SCARY!!! But I was a good sport and went along. To say that I sucked would be an understatement, although I keep excusing it with the fact that it had been 12 years... I was/am embarrassed and will be visiting the driving range ASAP, since M has a new found passion for golf! The worst part is that I KNOW how to golf, just out of practice I hope... I was hoping it was like learning how to ride a bike... it would all come back and it did sort of... I am ashamed to say that I took lessons and was part of a golf team.... Needless to say I survived...

I have been catching up with every one's blogs, however I was unable to comment... thank you blogger...

I am super pumped for Canada Day this weekend!! The village puts on such a great weekend!! I am also loving that it is a SHORT week, which means 4 day weekend for ME... maybe 5 we will see!

Have a great day!!

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J and A said...

Sounds fun!
Yeah for Canada day and short week! :) Thank goodness! :)


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