Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Typical Wednesday Post

I am linking up with Jamie again for What I Am Loving Wednesday!!!

First of all I cannot believe it is June already... where did May go? Time seems to be just flying by and I am having trouble keeping up!!

  • It is pretty safe to say that we spent the whole month of May renovating and although we are almost done - we still have the office and finishing touches in all of the rooms left to do, which we will just poke away at.
  • We have missed some beautiful days because of these renovations, so I cannot wait to get outside and down to the lake! Our gardens are pretty trashed with weeds, which hopefully M will get a slow start on soon - I say M because although I am capable of pulling weeds, my allergies could end up hospitalizing me because I am allergic to pretty much everything outside. It is hard to breath on a good day come spring and summer! M jokes about getting me the oxygen tank from the fire hall for me to wear!
  • I am pumped to go to town tomorrow to pick up my newest dress selection and return the latest... lol I am also going to hit up the city's annual tulip bulb sale. My favorite colors were planted this year - pink, purple, yellow and some red. Basically how it works is they pull up the bulbs every year and sell them and use the money they make to buy new ones next year! They sell at 25 bulbs for just $6! What a steal of deal!
  • I am praying that Canada Post does not go on strike because the bridal shower invites are ready to mail out! They are late as it is because I just got the addresses yesterday! I am sure I will dedicate a post to just the bridal shower planning, because I essentially have no clue what I am doing, but I am the MOH and I can handle it! (So if you have any ideas... spill them..)
  • I am ever hopeful that we actually get to play ball tonight!! The weather is beautiful and not too hot (is there a such thing?). All of our games have been stormed out - literally, including our rain-date scheduled game!
  • I am loving the freshly bathed dogs! I gave them outdoor baths last night on the deck and as much as Gracie absolutely loves water, she wasn't too sure of me with garden hose, however if I had hooked a sprinkler up to it, whole different story! Lily was typically difficult/stubborn and hard to maneuver without a collar, but they are both done!
  • I am absolutely loving my new closet!! I know I haven't posted pictures yet, but I will soon! I also love having my dining room table back!
  • I am still loving the smell of lilac bushes, mine are just starting to blossom!!! My iris's have started flowering, as well as my Chinese peony bush!!
  • I am NOT loving JUNE BUGS!!! Or any other type of bug, especially the mosquitoes, but I am really hating June bugs! Last night we had the outside light on and they were pinging off the door, which only made the cats go crazy! I also may or may not have had to call my husband from the road in front of our house on Monday to shut off the lights and let me in the house, in which case I booked it to the front door (which we seldom use) in hopes to not encounter the damn bugs! Those things just creep me right out!
  • I am loving my latest summer drink that I have concocted. It is rather simple to make:
-1/2 a lime squeezed (you can use lime juice concentrate as well)
- about 6 frozen strawberries
- 1/2 a lemon squeezed (you can also use lemon juice concentrate)

throw it all in a magic bullet glass (a blender will do the trick)
add about 1/2 a cup of water and mix it all up until a frozen puree texture is met.
put about 2 to 3 tablespoons of it into a glass, add some Sprite and ice cubes, give it a stir and
 pure deliciousness!! 
  • I am also loving PINTEREST... I have found such amazing recipes and hair styles and DIY ideas, etc. You can find me HERE!
Head on over to Jamie's and see what everyone else is loving too!!

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Courtney B said...

I bet the renovations look so great!! And your summer drink sounds so tasty! I have been hearing all about pinterest.. I really need to join in!


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