Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Friday

My mind is going a million different ways today!! I feel like I have sooo much to do for tomorrows shower, but it is all running around that I have to do tomorrow morning!

So because of my scatter brain... it is going to be random bits of info today!!
  • Yesterday I started cleaning out my car. In an hour and a half I managed to scrub the trunk of my car and started in on the back seat. I also took all the "stuff" out of my car. So it is 1/3 ready to be sold... now I just need a buyer!!
  • I spent the afternoon with the girls yesterday, hence the lack of blogging... opps!!
  • M did all my running around for me last night!! This made one happy wife!!
  • M has ball tonight, I hope the rain holds off!!
  • I had 2 days of minimal allergy suffering and then bam it was back yesterday!! I even tried to use my sinus rinse, but my nose was sooo clogged it had nowhere to go! Oh and I also learned that my gag reflex is worse than it used to be!
  • M and I enjoyed a nice long walk last night, much to M's liking...
  • I need a tan... enough said on that topic!
  • I broke down and ordered ProActiv for my troublesome skin... however we have a postal strike happening right now, which is super frustrating, and ProActiv screwed up my order and began shipping it separately, so I got my refining mask Wednesday (found it on my front porch), but have no clue how to use it because the instructions are in the other package...
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I love Italian Ice? It is sooo refreshing!!! Haven't had it before? TRY IT!!!
  • I need to find an easy punch recipe!!!
  • I need to make a dress fitting appointment - only 50 more days till the wedding!!!
  • I was watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada and M's cousin was on again!! She made it to finals again!
That is all I can think of!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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