Friday, June 17, 2011

Forcast for Friday

So, we have come across another Friday and another weekend jam packed full with what I hope to be FUN!!

I just wish I felt better, but these allergies are seriously kicking my ass!!

Tonight our co-ed ball team is playing our first game in a local tournament. This tournament is played with a mush ball... which is something we are far from used to! Our team is filled with some great people, who come out to have a good time, we don't win very often, it is just a bonus if we do! We entered this tournament last year and we had a blast, the mush ball is like playing with a bouncy ball, it is impossible to catch normally or even hit properly!

I was thinking back to last year when we played in this tournament and I recalled the fact that I did not play because I had twisted my back!! You can read about my week of bad luck here. I would like to think that this year I am in better shape, I did pull my chest muscle from sneezing, but I didn't get hit in the head at ball this past week and my back is not twisted. My head is pounding though and once again my allergies are horrendous, but I can survive that much!!

So we play at 7 in the village and the M has his men's league game at 8:30 just outside of the village!! Saturday morning we play at 10:15 and 12:45 for sure. The team will be popping back to our place in between games and after for burgers and beer! The weather is supposed to be half decent too, with only small chances of storms, but it will be hot out - no complaints here!!

Sunday we are headed down to the boat for the 2nd time, although technically it is the first time because the boat wasn't even in the water at that point! Then Ashley goes into crazy bridal shower planning on Monday!!!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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