Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Your Typical Tuesday...

Yes, I have totally skipped Manic Monday again due to recent events I will disclose in this post!

So I will quickly recap the weekend:

Friday night M had ball and they lost severely!! It was actually painful to watch!!

Saturday morning M had to work. I managed to sleep in until about 9:30 when the first thunderstorm rolled through! By the second thunderstorm, our power was knocked out. When I say knocked out I don't mean for a short while, I mean for like over 12 hours... It was crazy intense! Luckily M made it out of the field he was working in alive with his Dad dodging lighting bolts! M came home from work and worked on things that he could around the house without power! I headed into town and go a hair cut and a manicure! M went over and helped K move a structure, which S and I ended up helping them with and M picked up dinner on his way back home! We had a very quiet night to say the least that involved going for a social walk and then a trip to the farm to watch some TV - yes I know we could not go a full 12 hours with TV - call us pathetic!

Sunday morning our power came back at about 2 AM and then we got our day started around 9. M laid the floor in the office and put up the quarter-round in the closet! I promise pictures soon - when my life gets unhectic! I put the finishing touched on J's shower gift and then headed into town! We ended up playing baseball Sunday night too and we lost BIG TIME!! Opps... oh well! We had fun trying!

So what was J's shower gift? Well M's Mom went in on it with me and we did the Wine Basket of Firsts.. I forgot to take pictures, but we bought 1 bottle of champagne for the "wedding night" 4 bottles of wine for "first fight", "first dinner party", "first Christmas" and "first anniversary". It called for one more bottle of wine for "first baby", but we customized it and put in a bottle of rum, as that bottle is strictly for the groom! There were cute little explanations for each bottle attached! Then I had my Dad engrave 2 wine glasses for them and we filled the basket with wine stoppers, pictures, chocolate, cheese trays, cutting boards and various utensils!

Monday is when things got a little crazy! Monday I started making lasagna for N & K and then decided I better get ready to head to London for my cousin's shower. Luckily I had decided to meet my sister part way and we would carpool. Because this is what happened:

Yes that is right... my wheel fell off thanks to my ball joint that just popped out, while still bolted in! After being told how lucky I was to be alive and that I was not on the highway when it came completely apart. The mechanic said that he has never seen this happen before and that the bolts holding that bar in were still tight... so how did it come out?!

So this is what ended up happening:

Excuse the phone photos!!

So you can imagine what I am going to do now right? Aside from write Chrysler a not so friendly letter, this car is going to be SOLD! I am officially on the market for a new used car! I am not even worried about buying my dream car... just a safe car!! Dodge = Death Trap in my opinion right now!! I don't even know how many times this car has almost killed me - I have lost track!

I am sure you will hear more about this in the future posts as I get the full details of the car and how it happened and how my search is going down!

So I missed the Bachlorette last night, but I hope to get caught up, because as soon as I got home last night, I went right to bed! My allergies are HORRIBLE and I slept like crap! And I am pretty sure it thunderstormed for 2 hours straight and now I have no internet at home...

On another note: please continue to pray for N and K. Their sweet beautiful baby boy was born and went straight to heaven on angels wings. This breaks my heart to no end, I cannot even begin to explain it. No parent should have to go through what they have! I pray that God gives them strength and guidance to get through this! I also pray that I, as well as the people surrounding them are able to give them the support and love they need as well.



Jessica and Stephan said...

I have a Hyundai and I love it! Smooth ride, great gas mileage and an AWESOME warrenty! I definitely suggest checking one out!

Hilary Lane said...

A friend's dad was driving a Dodge Viper and when he veered into oncoming traffic on accident, his car was smashed like a tin can. He spent a couple of weeks in the hospital, but ended up passing away. You would think a Dodge would be a safe car and not crumple! I'm so wary these days of purchasing a new car - you never know what's safe anymore!!


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