Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pintresting Love on Wednesday!!

So I am going to mix up two of my favorite link ups... What I am Loving and Pinteresting Wednesdays because technically I love the things from pinterest, but want to add a few extras from my life too!! So here goes nothing:

I am loving that it is officially summer!!! This makes my heart happy!!

I am loving this idea:
Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs!!! Wanna try it? Check it out here!! She has a whole BBQ meal planned out!!

I am loving this hair style:

You can find it here.

I am loving that we finally made it down to the lake, although you cannot tell, as I am still super pasty!!

I am loving my crazy little cat (Lux... I love them all,) but he has just been so sweet and cuddly and affectionate lately!!

I love these quotes:

found here

found here

I am also loving gray and yellow still:

check it out here

I am loving my amazing husband!

I am loving my fantastic dogs and all of their sweet love and personalities!!

I am loving that Canada Day is coming up, although it just goes to show that time is flying waaay tooo fast!!

Be sure to check out the link ups here and here!!

Have a great day!!


ruthiehart said...

oh wow what a good idea for the pound cake and strawberries! I am totally going to make those!

Steph said...

that hair is sooo pretty!! i went to canada on my senior trip we went to niagra falls!! so PRETTY!! would love to see another pic of the falls at night hint hint if you have any.. ;)

Al said...

Love all of this too!! That hair is to die for, if I could only be patient enough to grow mine out...
Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

great things your loving! I'm def making the strawberry things! Yummy!

Joeylee said...

loving that bedroom & those strawberry shortcake things look so good!

Jessica and Stephan said...

I never thought of those 2 colours together, but I like the look of grey and yellow too :)


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