Monday, June 20, 2011

Manic Monday

Wow, it is June 20 already, I feel like I missed the whole month!!!

I am trying not to become maid of dishonor while planning my BF's bridal shower. It is this coming Saturday and I feel like I am forgetting soo much!! So I am going to break it down and hope that you readers will tell me what I am forgetting:
- veggie tray - someone is bringing
- fruit tray - someone is bringing
- punch bowl - pick up from my sister
- coffee is taken care of
- decorations, including plates, napkins, balloons and table cloths - someone is bringing
- flowers - I am picking up
- cake - I am picking up
- spinach dip and pumpernickel bread - someone is bringing
- chips - I am picking up
- present - have not got yet
- 2 gifts for guests - 1 is made, need to buy one other
- I need to pick up clothes pins for the game
- paper and pens for "advice for the bride"

I think that is it... what am I forgetting?

Now I will recap my weekend for you all!

Friday night was the first game of our ball tournament, which we lost, but we definitely had fun!! We were playing with a mush ball, which I would compare to a bouncy ball!! Right after that game M had his men's league game, so we headed straight there. They lost as well... I won't lie, it was brutal! Oh and the mosquitoes for horrendous!!

My allergies have been something fierce and they still are no better... soo frustrating!!

Saturday morning M ended up working, so down to the diamond (which is just down the street) I went. We lost again, but still had fun!! We invited everyone back to our house after for burgers and beer. Then we headed to our 3rd game, we got a little closer to winning, but still lost... but I am kind of happy about that because it was hot and becoming humid out. Everyone came back after and we just sat out on the patio with a few drinks. M and I headed into town after everyone left around 6:00. We picked up some steaks to grill, I showered, ate and headed to bed.

Sunday we were off to the lake for the first official time. I wasn't feeling the best... thank you allergies and didn't end up taking any pictures! We just sat around the dock and relaxed and then headed to Dover on the boat for dinner. The water was a bit choppy on our way there, but was fine on the way back to the marina!

While we were gone, M missed a bad medical call, so when we got home, we popped over to M and J's to see how M was doing, as he was at the call. The patient (17 year old female) ended up passing away. Such a tragic young loss.

Today I don't have anything on the go and I am loving it!!

How was your weekend?



JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sounds like you have everything planned and taken care of for the shower you are hosting.

Natalie and Lee said...

Bridal showers are always stressful! But it looks like you've got it under control!! :)

Michelle said...

The only thing you may want to remember is a pen and notebook to record the gifts she gets and from whom.
Also, we had thank you cards at the last shower I threw so all the guests could fill out their address to help out the bride :)

Anonymous said...

hard to believe it's almost July! Sounds like you're doing a great job with the planning!


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