Monday, June 13, 2011

Manic Monday and Reno Pics Revealed

Okay, I did it... the pictures have been taken and I will be revealing them!! But let's recap the weekend a bit first shall we?

Friday night: M had ball, however I did not attend this game, which is fine because it doesn't sound like I missed much... they lost again! But J and I headed to a buck and doe to help out N & K. The guys showed up a bit later and some fun was had.

Saturday morning M had to work and I managed to sleep in. It was very much needed on my part, since my allergies have turned into a cold... fun.. let me tell you about it... okay I will spare you the details, but it sucks!!

I worked on laundry and tidying up the house a bit. M came home in the afternoon with the back hoe and operation: outside was in progress. M cleaned out the garage of the flooring debris, although it is still dusty in there, you can see the floor and it is a usable space again. Then we began the work on the gardens... hard to imagine there was a garden underneath all the weeds... it was BAD! M also brought home the round up. That will be going on tonight I hope! We emptied the hot tub for the summer, which is the first time we have emptied since we got it! Crazy!!! Saturday night we just laid low and relaxed - we have not done that in a very long time!!

Sunday morning I slept in AGAIN and then we were back to those gardens. We headed to town for some lunch and groceries. I also needed more hangers... we won't discuss that with Mike though okay? M headed out for his first golf game in 4 years... he didn't do horrible, I just told him that now he has set the bar to show room for improvement.... lol. He was only 50 over.... I promised I would go out with him, although I am sure my talent is lacking... I used to golf in my teenage years, in fact my Dad made me take lessons with him.  While the boys and J were golfing, K and I made a birthday cake for J. I will definitely be sharing the recipe with you, once I see how it goes over... Overall K and I had a great girl's afternoon with little Miss G! Love that kid!! Oh and we definitely did not watch the Bachlorette eatting cookie dough, just in case anyone asks.... ;)

Today I am working away on laundry and getting the house ready to entertain, it would be a lie for me to tell you that my house has NOT been neglected during these renos... haha. I cannot wait to have it back to normal.

Happy Birthday J!!!

Tonight I am hosting girl's night, but I invited the boys to come for cake, but told them they couldn't stay long!!

So you wanna see some pics of our projects? Okay... here goes nothing, just keep in mind the finishing touches are NOT done!!

So this was the old laundry room... home of our new office before:

This picture was taken from before we moved in, but we did not change the color or the floors... they are *fantastic* though... (note my sarcasm)....

So our office now looks a little like this now:

Yes, there are taps coming out of the wall... they are for the sink. We are keeping a sink in this room, but casing it in, it is just not in yet!! M didn't want to lose his water for the bar, so it is a bit of a multifunctional room...

There is also that random dryer vent still there and the gas line from the dryer which will be leaving at one point, as well as a cieling tile missing, as M was fishing the internet line back down. Curtains will also be coming too!! I am loving having all the bookcases in one room though!

I am just happy that green is gone...

And now on to the Master Closet... which did not exist before:

This is what the space looked like before, but there was a false wall in between for some reason. This space exists between the laundry room and our master bedroom.

This is the view after from the laundry room (we kept access from the laundry room)

and this is what it looks like from the bedroom... I have a door to my closet!!! (it is not trimmed in yet...)

 And this is what it looks like inside:

I haven't even filled the whole closet yet!!!

Oh and you may have just got a sneak peak of the dress I plan to wear to the weddings in July...

We have sooo much space that we did not have before and we never would have imagined we would get all that space!!!

So there you have it... the finished rooms will be posted as they are complete, but that is what we have been up to!!

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Jessica and Stephan said...

Yay for your closet being done! :) The renovations are looking great so far


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