Monday, November 7, 2011

Just A Chilly Manic Monday

What a busy, yet fun weekend!!!

Friday night we went for drinks and saw Footloose!! It was good, the dancing was good, they tried to bring back a lot of the original, but it just wasn't the same... I still like the original! I think if they had made it happen in today's day in age it would have been better, but since they tried to incorporate the original time line it made it harder to compete with in my opinion! But overall it was pretty good and so was the popcorn!!

Saturday morning M had to work, but I had made plans with the Girls, as our original set up just isn't working the same anymore. It is becoming more difficult to get everyone together anymore for several reasons, as a lot has happened in all of our lives lately. I figured we could start trying to get together every 2 weeks, but I don't really see that happening either. So, I just hope that if it is meant to be, that we will all get to hang out together soon on a more regular basis.

So we went for breakfast at the Golf Course and then headed to a few craft sales. I ended up buying a wrought iron chandelier that holds 8 pillar candles in a big circle, intertwined with pussy willow twigs. Very country chic! Perfect for the hot tub gazebo!!! It hangs a bit to low, so M is going to cut it and reweld it back together. It was only $30!! Steal!!

We did some running around in town and then parted ways. I came home and made a garlic loaf in the bread maker and settled in for a nap!

We had dinner plans with M's volleyball team. The bread was a bit heavier than I would have wanted, but overall it was pretty tasty!

On our way home we popped by to visit baby K, K and J's new baby! She is adorable!!!

Instead of gaining that extra hour of sleep, M got a medical call early morning.... NOT IMPRESSED, but duty called. I hate daylight savings time... it just screws up my whole day! I get hungrier earlier, tired earlier, and it gets dark earlier...

I enjoyed the first soak in our working hot tub!! It was devine!! Oh how I have missed it and it was actually nice out on Sunday. M tidied up the lawn furniture and attempted to cut the grass until he ran out of gas and daylight! We popped into town for groceries as well!

November's schedule is filling up and it seems to me that it is going to fly right on by!

Tomorrow I am going to be hosting my first review and give away!! Stay tuned!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


J and A said...

Hot tub! Lucky ducks!

Jessica and Stephan said...

ooh, you should post a pic of that chandelier!


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