Friday, November 25, 2011

November... Where Did You Go?

Wow, I can't believe it is only a MONTH until CHRISTMAS!!! Where the heck did November go?!

Yesterday we got our new window installed in the great room, what a DIFFERENCE!! I will be honest I was a bit scared that it would make the room look smaller, since we didn't get a bow window, we got a picture window with a window on each side that opens. If anything the window almost opens the room up more and we now have a GREAT view of our backyard!!! The cats are not soo happy that their lounge spot has disappeared, but I'm over it! There is still a sill for them to sit on! Pictures to come when I find my ghetto old camera....

Everything went smoothly in London as well yesterday, except for the Christmas shopping :( I sucked at that part big time!!!

When I came home, I found 3 shipments at the post office, two of which were gifts I had bought for people and 1 was my blog swap gift!!! I was absolutely SPOILED!!! Thanks Alison!!!! I will do a post on that soon too... mission this weekend will be to find my old camera!!

I feel like I have sooo much more shopping to do!!! I am running out of time!!

I also need to get camera shopping... all my lovely friends who take pictures - what camera do you have?! Or - what would you recommend??

I am happy that Canada has stepped on board with the black Friday sales, not to the extent of the states, but more so than before!! Now we just have to get the day off!!! haha!

I hope all my American readers had a great Thanksgiving and continue to enjoy the weekend festivities!!! And for us Canadians - I wish us a warm and fantastic weekend!!!


J and A said...

So welcome. :) I need to get xmas presents done soon, I have been so slow this year!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Thanksgiving was awesome! I haven't even started my shopping yet! I used to have a nice digital camera but now I have an android phone which has a 5 pixel camera and that's all I use. I love it!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

When I heard about black Friday in canada I was a little bummed becos I thought they would get raid of boxing day!! That's Canada for me:-)

Hilary Lane said...

I have a Samsung NX100. I love it. It's mirrorless and not as bulky as the traditional DSLRs, but it still has changeable lenses. The only downside is that the flash is not built in, but I hardly use the flash, and I usually know when I'll need to pack it.


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