Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Binx!!

Happy Birthday Binx!!!

5 weeks

8 weeks

5 months!

I am posting this from work, so I don't have a recent one of her!

We don't really know when her birthday is, but we assume Halloween, because she was 7 weeks when we got her and if you count that back, it puts her right around Halloween! Plus she is black!! So we just celebrate around this time, we gave them birthday snacks last night to celebrate, as well as a round of laser mouse!

I will be posting later... but Binx deserved her own post!!


Carolyn said...

Aww! :) Happy birthday Binx!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Binx!!

Anonymous said...

awe! i love that the kitty's name is binx! definitely the BEST halloween movie EVER!


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