Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Am Loving

I could not resist listing a few things that I am loving today as well!!

Aside from hosting a great give away - which I am loving, I am also loving:

- Dirty Soap - a show I just learned about on E! It is a bunch of my favorite soap stars on a reality TV show! Genius!!

- I am loving that the CMA's are on tonight!!!

- I am still loving my hot chocolate maker at home - it really does make the best hot chocolate, I am also pretty sure that I will be buying some of them for Christmas Gifts this year!!

 Well said.

- These words mean soo much right now, so I love them!!

 - Sooo true!!

Pinned Image

- This picture reminds me of Gracie and Lily and their love for water and tennis balls! I heart Golden's!!

- I love my hair today!! I took the time to curl it and it looks wicked awesome and my hairspray held!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Keri said...

What is a hot chocolate maker?? that sounds like something i need. desperately.
lovely post! have a great day!

Kae* said...

Love love the pic of the dogs :)

Stephanie said...

Love the doggie pic!

New follower :)


Sarah Martin said...

That picture isn't your dogs!?!? Even the colour of their fur looks like Gracie and Liy.

Barbie said...

Stopping by from oh how pinteresting! I love love dirty soap! Maybe because I love soap operas lol but I hope it stays on t.v.
-barbie @ Life as a Mrs.


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