Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture Post

You might just get a two post blogger today!!!

Here is my blog swap gift from sweet Alison, I hope I photographed it all!!! (I forgot the soap)

Excuse the phone picture, it is all I am able to use right now... but the quality is much better than my old phone!!

LOVED EVERYTHING!! The cats even loved the elastic around the cafe mocha jar!!!

Here are the typography photos I did:

They were soo much fun to do!!!

Excuse the curtains, we had just begun tearing it apart when I realized I didn't have any before pictures!

the rug was even already pulled up!

Naked window

Outside looking towards the patio

Standing on the patio looking in!!

and now....

Naked, but wow, what a difference. Now I need to get on the curtain painting!!
I have put on the old ones for now!

I forget what else I needed to post pictures of, but this will do for now!! I hope to be back for what I am loving Wednesday and Oh So Pinteresting, depending on how my day is of course!!!


J and A said...

Glad you like everything! And the window looks awesome, so bright. Love those prints too, so cute!Nice work Ash.

Hilary Lane said...

The window looks so good! I have the same window & would love to replace it, even though I kinda like the bay-ness of it, haha.

Erin said...

Wow your new window makes a huge difference in how everything looks! It looks great btw!

Leigh said...

Love what you received in your package! Thanks for participating :)


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