Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

So today I feel like being random.... so bare with me!!

- Since it is November 1st, I am working on my Christmas list!! I would like to have all my shopping done by Dec. 1!! Wish me luck, but in the meantime, I am asking for these shoes for Christmas:

Womens BrashWomen's Brittany Slip-On
Size 11 please!! haha!

But I would also like these:

Womens ChampionWomen's Phase Oxford

Both pics were from Payless!!

- Can't believe my black beauty turned 2!!! She is such a closet lover cat... she only wants to be loved when she initiates it, but she soo free-spirited and loving. She was one of the best Christmas presents EVER!!

- My camera appears to be tired... aka lens error - continuous, non-stop... = not soo happy Ashley!! I am hoping Santa drops a Nikon carefully down my chimney!!

- November is pretty boring for us Canadians, aside from Remembrance Day... Christmas is the next best thing!! So excuse all the Christmas talk... we already had Thanksgiving!!

- M's fire pager has been super busy lately.... play safe people...

- I am pretty sure M put at least 7 baskets of laundry away last night... SEVEN!! He says he is going to try to do it more often, but you know what the sad part is, I could keep on clothing myself without those 7 baskets!! Granted, I don't pay a lot for my clothes because I am a SALE shopper, but I am going to CUT back on my clothing shopping tendencies.. so Old Navy, we must part our online shopping ways for a while!!

- Hart of Dixie was not on last night, and I am still not watching Dancing With The Stars, so therefore NOTHING was on TV, I had even watched General Hospital and Days when they were on yesterday!!

- Why is making a Christmas List soo difficult? Aside from those shoes and being greedy about a camera... I have no idea what else to ask for... I need to think hard on this!!

- This morning it was SUPER foggy out!!! I also love that my car reminds me to "Drive safe. Roads may be icy!"

That's all I got!!! Have a great Tuesday!!!


Jessica said...

Monday night TV did stink last night!

Michelle said...

I'm working on my Christmas list too! I am such a sale shopper so if I know what I need, I can do it little by little :)

Although I did give hubby my list the other day - ha! Now he needs to tell me what tools he wants this year.


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