Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Tuesday

So I skipped Manic Monday and have decided that today is going to be a crazy Tuesday!!!

Please pray for my sister!!! Pray that she can hold on to this pregnancy a little longer!!!

This weekend was busy!

Friday night we had a quiet night, as M is working pretty much every Saturday up until Christmas. They are super busy!! So our social life is taking a hit, which isn't so bad at this time of the year!

Saturday, M worked until 2:30, as I worked away at laundry. While I was doing laundry, I just happened to break my freshly manicured nail all because a certain someone keeps putting things out of my reach, like laundry baskets on top of the wardrobe... In fact, we have had many conversations about putting things out of my reach in the kitchen, and in the laundry room, so you can imagine how not impressed I was. You can also imagine the conversation on the phone after it happened, where I also informed him that he needed to be home on time, as I had an appointment to get this nail fixed! I could have gone in myself, but figured we would do some Christmas Shopping and groceries! Luckily he did not put up a fight and was home before I expected him!

We got a few more things off of our list of gifts for others! We grabbed dinner while we were in town. We ended up going to N and K's later on, which was good!!

Sunday we decided that would spend the day tackling the to-do list! The gardens were cut back and the leaves were all raked into the garden, now we just have to clear the gardens of all the trimmings and leaves! We also resituated the basement furniture! I even cleaned out behind the bar!! We had ribs for dinner, which are always delicious!!

Monday I made some Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, worked on more laundry, gave the dogs mani and pedi's and ended up having a coffee date with a girlfriend!!

Oh yah, I also have a winner from the Lovable Labels give away!!!

#14 - Sarah is the winner!!!


I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!


J and A said...
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Ivanhoe said...

Hello to you from Ohio! Blogger suggested you as we have the same occupation :)
Hope you are having a great week!


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