Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Loves and Pins!!

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Again today!!

 Be sure to check out Michelle and Jamie!!

I can't believe it is November!! I mean yesterday was the first... but today - today is the second and it is just not sinking in!!

I am beginning to love:

the ellen degeneres show
- she might just be the next Oprah!! haha!
I am going to see:
Footloose Poster
on Friday!!! Ohh how I hope this movie is good, but even if it is a disappointment, there will be movie theatre popcorn and that NEVER disappoints haha!
I am loving these quotes from my pinterest:
True in this moment
Luke 1:37
I also love this picture:
Pinned Image
I've also found some great sewing projects:
These are so pretty: how to make these shirts
Dog Crate Cover
Although I am hoping I can put the crates away... if Gracie would stop being a BRAT!

Loved Parenthood last night!!
I am loving the spaghetti with meat sauce I made last night!! M loved it too!! We are weird in the way that we usually don't have pasta sauce with our spaghetti, we usually just have cheese and noodles, but it was a delicious change and one I think I will make again!! I am also about to enjoy it for lunch!!
Have a great Wednesday!!!


The Forbes said...

Isn't Ellen the best show? I got put in the hospital a few years ago and was home bound to recover for two weeks and I got HOOKED on her show! I record it everyday! :) Love your blog!

Tiffany said...

I absolutely LOVE Ellen. I think she's hysterical, she gives back, people love her so she gets the best interviews. So fun!

Kit said...

Love the cuties!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Ellen. She is hilarious!! Love those quotes - so true!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ellen is the best!! i just no watched her episode with those two british girls that sing the nicki minja song hilarious!! watch it if you haven't but im sure i was the last person on the planet to get on that ship

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the baby and the dog pic!

Lisa said...

Movie theater popcorn is the best! Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Erin likes Ellen a lot too. She does some cool things on her show like give the audience prizes and stuff!


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