Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank You & Finally Friday

This week has been a whirlwind, that is for sure!!! I also have a feeling that things are not going to slow down, even when I need them to!!!

Funny how when we make plans, God laughs at them!!

Update on my sister: She and baby are doing well, baby is still inutero, where we hope he/she will stay for a LONG time, but the next two weeks will be the hardest! She has gone home, for how long we do not know yet. If the baby stays put, she will go back in at 24 weeks until she delivers! Soo quite a few things are up in the air, but nothing we can't continue to pray for!!

I just want to say a special thank you to all of you who have said prayers and checked in for updates, your thoughts and prayers have blown me away and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support! I have been blessed with so many people in my life!! Even people I have never met, knowing that extra prayer is there makes such a difference!!

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I had little Miss Hannah all day yesterday! I kept her pretty busy, she enjoyed a much needed 3 hour nap, a dancing/Christmas singing aunt driving her up to see Mom and Dad - the cars surrounding me may have thought I was CRAZY!! - The things you do to impress kids I tell ya! Heck, she even went to bed for me! I know this can't be easy on a soon to be 3 year old, but she is doing pretty good!! She at least understands that Mommy is sick! We even colored some pictures for both Mom and baby!!

I did not sleep the best last night, and feel that I am running on fumes today, but the weekend is here and I am ready to catch up on some much needed sleep!!


Thanks again!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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