Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Typical Wednesday

Granted us Canadians had our Thanksgiving in October, I must admit I enjoy reading about the American Thanksgiving traditions!! It seems that you go all out for Thanksgiving, more so than us Canadians, or maybe it is just a lot different than the way we (as in my family's) celebrate! Doesn't help that we missed our family's thanksgiving this year either...

So I am loving how grateful everyone is at this time of the year! I wish it lasted all year, but we all know that isn't the usual case. I am working really hard on accepting both the good and bad in my life and trying to be grateful no matter what! After all I do have soooo many things to be thankful for.

I am loving that we had our first winter storm last night and we lucked out with mostly rain!!! There was a bit of freezing rain, but no snow!!! I wasn't happy to come home to a DARK house last night, as the wind knocked the power out, but we took our dinner to the farm and cooked it there!!

I am loving that my new window is supposed to come tomorrow!! I know I said that like a month ago, but it was the wrong size! One man's mistake is another man's treasure - as the window fits M's parents, who had been thinking about getting a new window for quite some time! So tomorrow we should both be getting new windows!!

I am hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow for both the window and my trip to London.

I am loving that my sister continues to do well!!!

I love this and believe it would solve a lot of issues in our bedroom!!! M actually agrees that it would work and it is now on that LONG to-do list for the house! The only difference would be that our bedroom window is MASSIVE, like 6 panes, but if anything I think it would look better!!

love window seats. and all the storage space.

- idea for bedroom window!!

I love these for headboard ideas:

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via                                            via

I am tempted to try this, but I am not sure yet...  it says that you can use oil pastels in hair sections and then coat with hairspray for temporary color, but what if it doesn't work and it gets stuck or what if it stains your clothes?! Either way I love the style:
Pinned Image

Speaking of hair color, I am running out of time to dye mine!!! I must get M - my personal stylist ahaha - to help me color my hair!!

I love these and I would like to attempt to make them!! Anyone else with me!?
Burlap and sharpie.

I also love this for my photo wall - I could do one for the dogs and one for the cats!!:

Pinned Image

I also couldn't NOT leave you with some of my favorite quotes:

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Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I hope everyone has a great day and all my American readers - Have an great thanksgiving!!!


AllyceR said...

Stopping by from WILW. Happy late Thanksgiving to you. Those placemats are super cute and I love your blog layout as well! :)

Stevie Leigh said...

So cool. Happy late Thanksgiving!


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