Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!!!

Today is the first day of spring and it feels more like the first day of summer!! It is going to be 25 degrees today, with a humidex of 29!!! That is like 77 degrees Fahrenheit my friends - in March!!! No complaints here what-so-ever!! I think hubby will be getting the yard cleaned up this weekend and the patio furniture out! Yesterday I had to sit on a dining room chair to sun myself!

Tonight we go pick up M's new truck. He is pretty excited!! I will admit I am too!! It is time to say goodbye to the big green beast!!!

It has been a "fun" 4 years.... actually it was fun up until this last year!!

Like the many trips to the lake:

It was also good for when the weather was bad! It assured me a safe trip into work with it's 4 wheel drive. I will be sure to get some last pictures of it for the memories...

I was sure to tell M "Happy Truck Day" today before he headed off to work.

He was pretty pumped this morning, he even came back to the house before heading out to the field to make sure I got up for my first day back to work this morning.

Even though the weather is nice, I was definitely ready to come back. But I am still looking forward to having Thursday off!!


J and A said...

Ok you had me at 25. Say what??? I am so jealous! urg! We are supposed to get snow.

lori said...

loving the warm weather!! its been in the 80s here, which is a little ridiculous for march.

and yay for a new car!!!


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