Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is a beautiful Wednesday outside today! My windows are open again and the pets are all sunning themselves!!!

I am loving this weather, especially since I am off work this week to enjoy it!!! Luckily it is not as windy today as it was yesterday!!

I am loving that my nails have a hot date at the spa tomorrow for a mani!! Much needed after renovating I must admit!

The dogs and I will also be out for a nice long walk today to soak up this weather!!

I am loving my new foyer floors!! It was touch and go, since the box of flooring that I bought ended up being a slightly different tongue and groove... so we made it by with only 2 boxes and one board of the flooring we had left over from the great room! Mike may have had to go scrounging into the dump wagon for a few pieces... The results:
Before pic:
Bye-bye pink tile!!


I still need to finish painting the bannister's - have I ever mentioned how slow and tedious painting railing is? It sucks!!

Here are some of my favorite pins too:

How cute is this outfit? Very "easter-y"
Pinned Image

These look yummy:
Pinned Image

I am totally making one of these for my car... I always have receipts and little pieces of garbage...
Pinned Image

And now for some words that hit home:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

And I saw this one on Alison's blog and fell in love with it:
Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday friends!!!

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Jessica said...

Love that little garbage holder for the car! And those floors look great.

J and A said...

I LOVE the change to hardwood! Stunning! And that Easter outfit - I want it!! Great quotes! :) Happy Wednesday!

Kae* said...

Love the hardwood! and great the weather is good :)

MACY said...

perfect outfit for this season!
love your blog =)

Hilary Lane said...

Duuhh! I bet you can't tell by my e-mail yesterday that I'm behind in my Reader, can you? ;-) The foyer looks great, though! Can you come do mine the next time you just happen to be in SC?


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