Friday, March 9, 2012

High Five For Friday!


As I had mentioned on Wednesday I have soo many awesome things going on this week!!

1. My awesome give away!!! Be sure to sign up win some vinyls of your choice from Kreative Corner designs!! It was a slow start yesterday with only two entries!

2. Brandon officially went home yesterday. I have not heard from the happy family, but I am hoping everything has went well. Excuse the quality - I stole it off facebook!

3. I am off work for a week. Unfortunately it is a staycation, but either way it is time off!!

4. I am also looking forward to the weather for the weekend and upcoming weekend, we are talking double digits!!! Great week to be off!!

5. I am looking forward to getting the house back to some sort of order after the reno. Although we still have some finishing touches, the room is essentially livable!

Happy weekend friends!!!

Be sure to enter the give away too!!


Sarah M said...

Yayyyyy!!! Brandon looks soooooo good! And over 6lbs! I am so happy for your sister. I woulda bbm'd you but my phone died. Date next week of shizzle!

J and A said...

Ah Brandon is adorable. YAY I should win cause I entered 1st! :) We are supposed to have good weather too! YAY! Enjoy girl.

Holly said...

Yay for time off work, even if you're not doing anything exciting with it! :)

Danielle said...

Happy Friday!! I love days off where I can just do whatever I want at my own house. LOVE your blog. Newest reader!


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