Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday

Okay, so I took a mini blog break without telling anyone... forgive me, but I am back!!! Unfortunately I did not go anywhere exciting, but my time off was well used!! Before we get into that, allow me to announce the winner for the credit to Kreative Corner Designs - and that would be Melissa from Grin & Barrett. Big thanks goes out to all of those who participated!!

Now on to what happened while I was away:
  • the weather was awesomely fantastic!!!(Like +20 degrees) A lot of time was spent outside enjoying it, which meant not as much was accomplished indoors - but I am over it!
  • Snoopy's birthday was on Friday and I was reminiscing my sweet puppy, whom I miss dearly!!

  • I got my nails done!!! They are too cute:
Pink Tips!! Ready for Spring!!
  • another coat of paint was put on the banister, but I'll be honest, it is still not done!!
  • I bought some bar stools for our kitchen counter that has not been redone yet:

  • We went truck shopping and found M's truck!!! We are very excited to say goodbye to the Explorer... I will not miss the tricks that beast played on me... or the strobe light interiors... or well anything... Say hello to M's new baby:

It is a 2009 Ford F150. I still cannot get over how spacious it is!! We pick it up tomorrow night!!

  • We then continued to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!! Funny thing is about M's truck.. it's not green, which M has always only bought used green vehicles... we sort of broke the chain, but he did buy it from a guy in a green suit!!!
  • Here is a picture of us before heading out to a party all decked out in green - although M's hair isn't done in it... and it was taken on my blackberry:
  • We managed to get a lot done around the house yesterday, including the bedroom cleaned! We even changed the duvet to the one we got as our wedding gift!! I forgot how much I loved it!!

Now I have some stuff get done today, and some blogs to catch up on!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

It is back to work tomorrow for me!


Melissa {Grin and Barrett} said...

Thanks so much! I am so excited I won! I will post pics when my winnings have arrived!

Melissa from Grin and Barrett

J and A said...

Fancy truck! Nice choice! :) Love the green pic. Hope you had a good little break. :)

HayleyKiah @Classy In KC said...

I like the new truck it looks huge inside!! Have a great week.

Jessica and Stephan said...

Wow, there is A LOT of space inside the truck! So excited for you! Enjoy the new vehicle :)

Amy said...

Sweet new ride! I love that new car smell! So exciting.


Hilary Lane said...

Oooh, love the truck. We wanted to get Josh one like that, but he was stuck on wanting the Raptor model, which was like $60k for a used vehicle. Um, no.


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