Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worrying About My Lily Dog

Today I have some super scary news to share with you. My sweet dog Lily had a seizure this morning.I won't lie it was a bit traumatizing! Here is what went down:

The cats were sitting in the window as per usual, but got spooked by something outside, which caused them to freak out, which made Gracie get up and freak out and left poor Lily there on ground helpless. It sounded as though she was trying to get up, but couldn't so I got out of bed to help her. Once I approached her, her legs were straight and tight, yet she wasn't shaking crazy or anything. I am used to my old Shih Tzu having epilepsy, so noticed this was a sign of seizure. She began to flail around, so I just held her as still as I could, which ended up with me giving her a bear hug and talking calmly to her. She began to drool like crazy, but I just held her and rubbed her head and chest, while hugging her so she couldn't hurt herself. The problem is with seizures you feel like time is slow, that this seizure is lasting forever. It really only lasted a few minutes, but the minutes felt like hours of being helpless.

The cats came back in and sat around us watching and poor Gracie was laying with her head on Lily's back, as if she was trying to help. Mike had just left for work, I was home alone, with no water near by or the phone to call him back home. Once Lily had settled, aside from panting heavily, I told her stay still until I got some water. I came back to her and she just rested her head on my lap and looked up into my eyes. Gracie was still right by her side, licking her nose, resting her head on Lily's foot. Needless to say Lily scared us all, including herself.

I let her rest for a while, before calling her into the mudroom to drink out of her bowl of water and to make sure she could get up and walk at ease. She almost feared trying to get up, knowing her recent struggle, but with some coaxing and Gracie to follow, she managed just fine. I sat on the floor with her, had her drink some water, pet her and just watched her as she went over to Gracie and then came back to me, tried to get in my lap and rested her head on my shoulder. I won't lie, it brought tears to my eyes. It was almost as if she was letting me know she was okay and thank me. I just sat there and cuddled and reassured her that no matter what she was going to be okay and that I wouldn't accept anything less. I let her outside to get some fresh air, she went to the bathroom, with Gracie right on her hip. Gracie did not leave leave Lily once, even when she went to the bathroom, which is odd, because dogs like their privacy too.

I finished getting ready for work, which I considered calling in, but had clinic this morning. So I called Mike, told him all about it and he reassured me that she was going to be okay. This momma was having a wee bit of melt down!! M's Mom will be picking her up around noon, so she would only be by herself for at most 4 hours. She was given strict instructions to keep a close eye on her and not let her wander out of view! Yes, I am that paranoid! I called the vet and I will be taking her in tomorrow.

Soo scary when you can't do anything to make it stop. Breaks my heart. It is also not so easy trying to hold a 100 pound dog still. I am praying that this was just a fluke and that everything is okay. For anyone who has pets, you all know they are part of the family, and to me, mine are my babies, I would do anything for them! Today was just a scary day and I hope it does not happen again!


Anonymous said...

Very sad, but glad you were there! They are like our kids. They're part of the family and you never want to see them suffer through anything.

Jen said...

Poor Lily :( It sounds like you handled it so well despite being nervous. I have two golden retreivers too and I know all about being overprotective lol

Meg Fowler said...

Awww Ash, that breaks my heart to hear that:(.....I know what you mean that they are such a part of the family and mine are my babies just like yours!!! You handle it like a pro;)
I am sending positive thoughts your way, and hoping just like you that this was a one time thing:)

Jessica and Stephan said...

Awww, poor puppy :( I'm glad to hear she's ok, and I hope its just a one time thing!

Jessica said...

Praying for you guys!

Tyah Ferguson said...

Oh my goodness! I literally started tearing up! This sounds so scary! I hope your sweet pup is better and that it was just a fluke! Yes furbabies are totally part of the family and I would have been one hot mess if this happened to me! Good Luck! Newest follower!


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