Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September To-Do List Reviewed

September To Do List
- put away glass wear in TV cabinet
- put up different shelf in TV cabinet  - turns out this shelf is non-existant. We have a bigger shelf for the upper part of the cabinet, not the bottom bigger part.
- take queen bed out of the nursery 
- figure out maternity clothes storage - I cleared myself a drawer and small section in the closet
- Mike - purge clothes
- bath and brush both dogs - they also got paw-dicures!!
- wash bench seat cover 
- kitchen hardware - he only has a few left to do, and they involve a long process, so its not a quick fix.
- bring bassinet in the house - once we get my Dad's stuff out of our shop this will get done
- find bassinet bedding
- pick out nursery paint color - we've just got the grey color to settle with. We have it down to 3 options, but the aqua is done!
- clean out nursery - half way done!
- seed the lawn again - this will wait to spring, but I am impressed with the growth that has sprouted up from our last seeding!
- wash cat bedding
- make dining room curtains  - I've realized I don't have enough fabric to do my initial plan, so I am brainstorming a new one to accommodate the fabric I have!
- clean vehicle interiors - Mikes truck is done because his Dad did it for him... lucky bum!
- make new wreath
- clean bath tub
- deal with memory cards
- organize pics on hard drive
- tidy basement

What else did we get done?

- got the baby's crib
- changed our bedroom around and cleaned it top to bottom
- cleaned my hard drive up completely
- re-organized most of my office, but we still have some re-arranging to do to accommodate a bed in there instead of a table. Bye-bye sewing station!
- purged a few bins of table clothes and what not from our old table. They wont fit my new table, so why keep it?
- sold some of my extra Scentsy stock I had kicking around! I have decided to let the business go.
- cleaned all the windows on the main floor, inside and out!


Mrs Gable said...

Nice size to do list... love crossing off the things that are accomplished!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You had such a productive month! My list would be: survived the month? check. Haha!

I should put together a list of things I need to do in the office/nursery to break it down. That way I will feel like I've made progress with each little project. There isn't too much to do, just organizing the closet and some super heavy lifting that I can't do anyway.


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