Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Love on Wednesday

I figure it has been a while since I have posted some of my loves lately! So here we go:

- Can I just start off by saying I could literally redecorate my entire house with Urban Barn. I love all of their stuff! Yesterday while editing photos I took a little break to dream and this is what I found:
You're Just Like Bacon Block : Decorative Accents. Find all room accents and home accessories in one place. Urban Barn has hundreds of ideas  to compliment your decor.
How perfect? haha
- We are still battling out the litter boxes in the back basement. Binx is being a champ, Lux is coming around and Jazz is just miserable! I guess this is more of a fact then something I love, but meh, I'm over it!
- I'm loving the last bit of fall we are having, as they are saying snow might be en-route tonight! Yuck! It is brutally cold out already for this time of the year here! Or maybe we have just been spoiled past seasons?
- Today I am headed to my sister's to photograph some more of her jewelry. She has finally launched her facebook site, and etsy isn't too far behind! More on this to come, along with a sweet giveaway!! Here is some of her latest:

More info coming next week!!
On pinterest I am loving:
Cute way to pin back bangs.
Tiny TOMS.
I am thinking I will need to make this pair, I have almost everything:
"fall baby bump" by erykaannclark on Polyvore
I think M needs this pillowcase!
Add some humour to your bedroom with these DIY his and her pillowcases!

And now my computer has just spontaneously shut itself down, so the picture portion of this post is now over because my iPad sucks at posting proper picture sizes!

So one last awesome thing about today is that dinner for tonight is already made!! Shepherd's Pie! We made it Sunday and I just have to warm it up!!

Happy Hump Day friends!


Rebekah said...

We've had a great fall and I'm dreading winter! We haven't experienced snow in over 3 years so it will be an adjustment! Aren't baby TOMS the cutest?? I have 3 pairs in different sizes for James and I can't wait for him to wear them. Haha and those pillow cases are awesome. I saw those awhile back and showed Dylan and he thinks we totally need them!

Rachel and John said...

Love those pillow cases!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Last year we got snow and -20 weather before Halloween! I am hoping this year the snow stays away till mid November at least. I am so not ready for it.
LOVE baby TOMS. I need to get Baby K some :)
Your sister's jewellery is so nice! She is very talented.

J and A said...

Love the baby Toms! So freakin cute!! I love all her beading! So talented!! I am spoiled with mine. Love it!! Those pillow cases are awesome!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Baby TOMS are so cute. They don't stay on very well though. A hated hers. I won't be buying her another pair until she is a bit older, and only if they fit her well.

You can keep the snow at your end of the country please!

Love that outfit combo! I think I really need to buy that sweater!

Your sister is very talented!


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