Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I full on admit that this post does have a lot to do with the baby, as we just had our doctors appointment today!!

I'm finally on track as far as weight gain goes! Turns out being off my thyroid meds is helping - but I'm gaining at the right pace! With my thyroid being soo low while on my meds, they are guessing that had something to do with not gaining. This will probably be the last time you hear me celebrate weight gain!! 

We got the results of our ultrasound at 18 weeks! Our doctor is very happy with the results! Despite the baby being a stinker and the ultrasound being an hour and half long, the results are great. Baby is doing excellent!! Music to this Mama's ears! Dad's ears liked it too! I'm thinking M won't come with me again until closer to the end. Baby V is measuring 4-5 days ahead!! Not quite enough to change my date, but I'm fine with that. If the baby decides to come 4/5 days early now, I will agree with that - because I have complete control over that! Haha (sarcasm). Baby's heart rate today was 160! 

I slept like absolute crap last night thanks to one little fur child who never sleeps with us. Usually I feel like this:

 But now, after a WHOLE night of sleeping around the damn cat. I DONT!! At first I just loved that she was cuddling with me, knowing I'd be lucky to get an hour with her (her being Binx). She likes to sleep under the blankets, so I allowed this to happen. At one point I thought maybe I had killed her, she wouldn't move, even after breaking the above rule! I even pulled the blankets off of her to check on her, she was still breathing and purring silently like she does. She left the bed around 6 AM and I had to be up at 7! Needless to say when M woke me up, I was a bear! Sorry babe! I snapped out of it after my shower! So note to self, there should be a time limit on said rule, and there will be from here on in! 

So today I will nap!! 

Yesterday I made banana bread for the first time, and although I haven't had any yet, M had some this morning and said it was great!! Pinterest win!! 

I think that is all the randomness this girl can handle today!! Happy Wednesday!! 


Jamie said...

Ashley!!!! I haven't been on in a while and didn't know you were expecting!!! Congratulations! So glad baby is doing well. I love this post. This is my life now (and soon to be your's too)...just replace pet with baby! :) So very happy for you!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay Baby V!! I'm thinking girl with that heart rate!

They tried to say A was measuring 4-5 days ahead last time and I wouldn't let them change my due date. I knew if they did it would just stress me out when she was overdue. And she ended up being overdue by 5 days so if they had changed it she would have been 10 days over and I would have been stressing!

Funny, my cat slept with me last night too and he rarely does these days. I also had a crappy sleep in the morning because he was in the way. Then he started crawling all over me... I was not impressed!

Rebekah said...

So happy to hear things are good with baby!! Our boy has been measuring 1-2 weeks ahead (and so have I) for the entire pregnancy and they adjusted my due date by 3 days. We're expecting a big boy and I'll just laugh if he's smaller than we think! I love baking banana bread!

J and A said...

So glad all is well with babe!! Yay! Few days early would be great!! :)

Kae Muir said...

Whoop glad things are good with you and baby v. : )

Courtney B said...

Yaaaay!! I'm so glad everything is on track with baby! And you look AMAZING! Love your little bump!


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