Tuesday, October 1, 2013

16 Weeks

How Far Along:
16 weeks
Size Of Baby?
Maternity Clothes?
Still mixing it up. But as the bump grows the jeans are fitting better and better!
Stretch Marks?
None yet.
We will find out in March!
Is actually a lot better now. Getting up once or twice to the bathroom, but falling right back asleep. my nose is starting to get better
Eggs are still a big no. I really wanted white cupcakes this week. I've been good though! I've also started to crave milk! Definitely giving in on this one!! Waffles!!! And guess what! M's Mom sent me home with her waffle maker and mix!! 
There have been a few more times this week where I've felt something and thought was that the baby? Baby seems to like loud music, that's when I seem to feel her/him most.

Great, my nose is getting better, but still running. I'm beginning to think its a pregnancy symptom more so than allergies. Headaches aren't as bad. Hoping my skin is back on the mend... Man it has been problematic!! 
Getting the rest of our pictures back!

We picked our nursery colors for the most part! We have picked our aqua, now just have to agree on the grey!

We also bought the babies crib!! Soo exciting!! Suddenly this all feels even more real!!

Belly Button?
In - if it comes out I will be shocked!
Best Moment of the Week?
 Buying the crib! This alone was a huge milestone, one I wasn't sure we would ever get to do! 

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
Getting blood work taken to check my thyroid and the guy scratched my arm with the needle tip when he pulled the needle out, after he jabbed me... I get this isn't all that crazy pregnancy related, but more of a rant... 
Bump Pic:

Looking Forward To:
Feeling the baby move/kick, so I can find out if it is what I feel now! 
Ultrasound next week!!!


Rebekah said...

I never thought my belly button would even come close to popping out but it's almost completely flat at this point. It's a strange thing! Finding the perfect shade of paint can be such a pain! Finding the grey we wanted took forever. I love your pictures!

Simply Amy said...

Those picture are pure perfection!

Kae Muir said...

You look so adorable! Hopefully the nose gets better!!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Your pictures turned out amazing!!! I love your dress and your shirt!

I bet you are feeling the baby- it feels so subtle at first. I knew the 2nd time around that what I was feeling was definitely baby.

Do you have a really deep belly button? Mine didn't pop last time until the day before I went into labour, so over 40 weeks. It was barely popped though. It will probably do the same thing.

Good luck finding the right grey. We haven't even started looking.

Kristin said...

Love the pictures, cute bump!


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