Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baby V's Nursery Ideas

As M and I continue to prep for Baby V, we have at least come up with some ideas we would like to incorporate into the nursery! Now that the room is cleaned out, we are getting closer to getting a start to making this nursery a reality!! Here are some of the things we hope to recreate in the nursery!

Color Scheme
color palette
This is our rough color scheme. Something that will work for a boy or girl!
Like I have mentioned we have picked the aqua color, but still need to pick a grey. We have at least narrowed it down to a few possibilities.
Baby's crib:
This we have already!
I love these prints! Baby will most likely have a gallery wall, which I plan to incorporate some of these prints. Boating is a big thing in our family, and I plan to add a few elements in with that.
Perfect for your little boy's teal and grey nautical themed room; these prints are available for instant download once purchased via Etsy.
Anchors are also a sign of hope, which of course has been a huge thing for M and I throughout our journey of infertility. We would literally anchor our dreams of having a baby and weather the storm of infertility.
Baby will have lots of blankets! I am actually having one similar to this made, but just grey and white! More on that to come! And although I am having this one made, I am also in the process of crocheting a blanket for the baby myself as well!
Aqua Blue and Gray Baby Chevron Blanket - Crochet Blue Baby Blanket - Teal Gray Nursery - Aqua Gray Nursery Bedding / Chevron Bedding
Baby quilt:
Chevron quilt. Made using triangles.
I have never quilted before, but I really want the baby to have a lot of things made just for him/her. This will be a keepsake our child will cherish forever. So I am going to attempt this and I have had a lot of help offered to get me through it!
I love the very first photos we have of our baby. I am pictures obsessed, so I will need to find a way to display these keepsakes within the nursery.
What To Do With Those Sonogram Photos? "Love at first sight"
I also plan to have pics from our maternity shoots, the dogs, as well as pics of the baby once s/he arrives.
I have a few keepsakes that we plan to display in the baby's room, like my grandmothers original teddy bear, which is very vintage, so it needs to be put up and away, yet still on display, as well as some owls and some other small things, or I could put prints up there as well.
shelves over chaning table/dresser are very handy. nice spot for decor and keeping products out of little hands.
Baby will also have a reading nook, if we ever find the perfect chair... so we plan to hang some shelves to display books! I love children's books, so this is something I look forward to!
Rain Gutter Shelves nursery book corner
Well that pretty much sums up most of our plans, as for the rest, you will have to see how it all comes together!!

150 more days to go!!!


Meg {henninglove} said...

i love the reading nook, my nursery will have that too! i want to make books a part of my son's life and part of the nursery decorations. love the color scheme you are planning, very soft and very cute

Mrs Gable said...

You should check out Pottery Barn Kids. They have nursery items with those colors.

Katie said...

love the colors!! and those prints are so cute!

Eryka said...

our nursery will have a reading area too!!! im hanging the shelves low so they can reach them when they can crawl!

J and A said...

So fun! Cannot wait to see it come together. Love all your ideas! I loved the process of putting it all together with J so enjoy!!

Hilary said...

I love it!! I'd love to do those colors or something similar. I can't wait to find out boy or girl so I can do some serious nursery idea pinning, lol.

Leigh said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

Murdock's mama said...

FYI...I 100% LOVE everything you just's AWESOME! Can't wait to see it come together! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great ideas!!

I love the reading nook idea! I'm thinking of putting little shelves for books on the walls too.

I'll be doing a gallery wall also but not above the change table/dresser like it currently is in A's room. She is always knocking the bottom row of pictures! I like the shelves high up though.

I love the chevron blankets! Maybe I can ask J's great aunt to make a quilt for this baby. She made a beautiful one for A that coincidentally matched her nursery really well!

Brittany said...

I love those prints! SO sweet!

Susan Woolcott said...

Love everything you have chosen! Baby V is very lucky to be coming into an awesome family that is full of love! Congrats again, love all 3 of you!

Susan Woolcott said...

Love everything you have chosen! Baby V is very lucky to be coming into an awesome family that is full of love! Congrats again, love all 3 of you!

Kae Muir said...

Love the color scheme so great!

ahhh 150 days how exciting : )

megs7827 said...

So cute!!!


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