Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend REwind

So clearly this week has got away on me! So instead of just recapping my weekend, I will recap my week as well!

Saturday - M and I ran some errands in town, including picking up ceiling paint for the nursery!! We also ended up getting a new cabinet for the kitchen, so we have extra storage once the baby comes. Crazy how much stuff a baby needs for being soo small!

We headed down to the lake for thanksgiving at the boat, where we had a full delicious turkey dinner - coming from someone who doesn't care for turkey. We stayed the night on the boat, I was in bed by 10:30 - party animal! The boat comes out of the water next week, so this was our last time staying down!

Sunday - We had breakfast with the family, then M's parents had a wedding to get to and we had a family dinner to attend, so M's Mom and I did each others hair, snapped a few pics and headed our separate ways!

We dropped the dogs off at home, through an appetizer together, grabbed our buns and headed to my Aunts to celebrate with my Mom's side of the family. Once again, we had a full turkey dinner, played games and enjoyed each other's company!

Monday - we did some yard work, laundry, housework, vacuumed the pool and M put the first coat of paint on the ceiling in the nursery and what a change it makes!! Its already soo much brighter in the room!

Tuesday - at around 2:30 in the morning I awoke to come crazy painful stomach cramps. My sister had been telling me Monday night that Hannah, Brandon and Eric were all sick, as well as Eric's immediate family, who they had celebrated thanksgiving with earlier on Sunday. I was ever hopeful it was something they ate, not the flu. Turns out I ended up with the flu as well! It was horrible! After 6 hours of being violently ill, I survived the worst part and was able to keep liquids down at least. I haven't been THAT sick since I was a kid! Poor baby was probably wondering what the heck was going on! I am now super thankful for never having morning sickness!

Worst part was I had a photo shoot scheduled for that morning that I had to reschedule! I still feel bad about it, but it was out of my control!

I spent my entire day in either the bed or the bathroom! I don't recommend getting the flu while prego! Luckily I was under the watchful eye of Lux, he didn't leave me alone once!

Wednesday - I still wasn't feeling 100%, and I ended up with a bad headache all day and my body was just plain old sore! Nothing was taking it away, including forcing myself to eat, which I didn't have an appetite at all yet! Turns out my cousins ended up with the flu as well!

Thursday - still not 100%, but much better, just really tired, but I forced myself to get dressed and out of the house to run some errands. We also ended up having wings with friends last night too. It was great to actually feel and look human again!

Friday - still catching up on housework, as I feel the need to clean the house like crazy after having the flu, but still lacking in energy! But a little bit at a time!

Needless to say my week did not go as planned! But we survived it! I am still hoping and praying that M doesn't end up with it! He just has to survive today and he should be in the clear!

I am soo thankful for everyone who sent well wishes for my recovery, luckily it went through quick, its just the recovery stage that sucks! I would have been lost without Mike, who full on admits I make the worst sick person ever, especially while pregnant, as I ended up crying about it, my Dad and MIL - who both stopped in to check on my and bring me Gatorade and popsicles!

This weekend I have a photo shoot booked for each day, weather pending of course and we plan to close the pool, assuming we can get the water to clear up! I'm also hoping the final coat will go on the nursery ceiling and we can tackle some more items on our to-do list!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


J and A said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. So glad you are feeling better. The flu sucks!! But Popsicle are great! ha ha Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling the greatest, but great that Lux watched over you! My cats both do that too, Anna especially :)


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