Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October To-Do

Well now that have a full month, mostly to ourselves, we shall see what we can accomplish this month!! November M is in fire training for 2 weekends, so we won't have much time before the Christmas holidays to tackle much stuff after this month! 

- shred old bills
- make bill binder
- bring in bassinet 
- take table out of sewing room
- set up bed in sewing room
- pick Grey paint color
- clean hot tub
- put glass wear away
- wash baby stuff Sue gave us
- bring up bassinet bedding
- make back basement cat ready
- move cat litters to the back basement 
- pick a color for nursery furniture 
- paint nursery 
- clear out nursery 
- paint nursery furniture 
- go through the rest of the basement bins
- clean office 
- close the pool
- cut back gardens/trees
- put up kitchen back splash 
- finish kitchen hardware 
- buy fabric for baby quilt 
- start baby quilt 
- start crocheting baby blanket 
- figure out home for stand alone mirror
- put away patio furniture
- register for the baby


J and A said...

Lots to do but its mainly fun stuff for baby!! Enjoy it!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That's a long list. Thanks for the reminder. I need to shred bills too. I've been holding on to them for far too long so I think it's time to get rid of a few years!


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