Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally Friday

After the flu last week and fleas this week, I'm ready for the weekend! Our house is clean, laundry is piled up though, but we are making progress and I have bedroom curtains again! Bonus! Oh and I didn't awake to snow! It's going to be a good weekend!

1) looking forward to going to a Ladies One Stop Shop tonight with J and then hanging out afterwards with G and the men. It's been forever since we have hung out with friends! Pretty much 2 months!! 

2) turns out our plans to hold off on anymore renovations in the house this year has changed! Our super dated bathroom is on the short list now that the faucet is beyond repair and the tub is leaking! This room is pretty much original from when it was built, so it's necessary. So we are coming up with a plan to go along with our budget. Basically we need a new tub and surround, floors and double sink vanity with storage. As annoyed as I am to have to do this project with a baby on the way, I'm excited to have it done and to know that it's the last big project our house needs! 

3) we are registering this weekend! I'm guessing this is going to be a big job, since M has input on everything, even things I don't care about - he does! It is really cute to think about, I just hope it doesn't take too long! We plan to buy most things in the states and a lot of our big purchases are decided on, like car seat, swing, pack and play, and stroller which we plan to purchase ourselves. But I am looking forward to it all and checking it off the list! 

4) hopefully we will also get the gardens cut back and patio furniture put away weather dependant. I see a lot of rain in our forecast. Which is better than the snow I've been seeing the last couple of days. We also need decide on a furniture paint color, but might just end up buying one if wall colors and get that going. Who knows! 

5) I need to get going on some DIY baby projects too! The crocheted baby blanket is well on its way, but I need to get fabric to start this quilting process. The crunch is on now that we are past the half way point and I feel it! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Leigh said...

Can't wait to see how the bathroom reno turns out! Will you guys do it yourselves or hire someone?

Hilary said...

My advice: pack a snack & a drink for registering!!! Even if you go in knowing what you want, it still takes forever, lol.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Better to do the bathroom reno with baby on the way than with baby here!

Registering is fun! Where are you registering?

Nice blanket!

Have a great weekend. Looks like the snow you had is coming our way.

Kae Muir said...

Yay, can't wait to see the reno of the bathroom!
double yay for registering!

Happy weekend!

Work it Mommy said...

I did a lot of my baby registery online, it was great! Maybe thats an option you could look into, to save your feet and back. And cut down on bathroom breaks lol :)


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