Monday, October 21, 2013


This weekend we were actually able to cross quite a few big tasks off the list and I couldn't be happier!! I just feel like the crunch is on to get soo many projects done around the house!!

After having a very unproductive week it was beginning to take a toll on me, M may have come home to crazy pregnant woman telling him how stressed I was about having a messy house! We remedied that right away though and by the time I went to bed I felt a lot better!!

The old bills were shred, the kitchen was cleaned, the laundry was put away and the bathrooms were scrubbed! I felt much better! It was a great start!

Friday night I watched Bachelorette. It was alright.

Saturday M and I spent the morning outside before the rain came vacuuming the pool and trying to get it ready to close. M was able to fix the creepy crawler vacuum so we didn't have to manually do it, you know after I finished manually vacuuming of course! But we let the creepy run while it was raining just to ensure it was clean!

M headed to the farm to collect materials for our sliding barn door idea for the back basement. I hate the smell of cat litters and litter being everywhere, so we were planning on moving the cats to the unfinished basement, but have to close off half of it. While he was gone doing that I went through a basket of "stuff" literally, threw out probably half of it and then decided to be ambitious and brought in the bassinet from the shop. It was heavier than I anticipated, but I made due and got it in the house.

Baby V will be in the same bassinet I was when I was a baby!

I decided to warm up with a hot chocolate with whipped cream. I don't want to turn my heat on until November 1st! Wish me luck! Its been cold!

Then I was off to find the bedding to bassinet. I only managed to find the skirt for it. Turns out I will just have to buy some memory foam to make the mattress, as I have no idea where that part might be!

I was supposed to have a photo shoot in the afternoon, but turns out the rain won! It was nasty out, so we rescheduled to next weekend.

We put a roast in the oven and M finished painting the nursery ceiling! What a huge difference it makes seeing it soo much brighter that painting the ceiling did!

We enjoyed a nice roast beef dinner, finished just as M's pager went off for a medical call.

I watched Country Strong as it was on the TV, and on my list of movies to watch. It was pretty good!

Sunday we celebrated being 20 WEEKS!!! Half way there!! Plus its like my golden week! I turned 20 weeks on the 20th of October!! 

Sunday morning we closed the pool and cleaned up as much furniture that we could that wasn't wet. We went into town to grab groceries, then came home and had lunch. M started the next task of hanging the barn style door. I went and did my photo shoot and by the time I finished, M was finishing with door.

The cats seem to be less than impressed with the new cat door. We were kind of worried that Jazz wouldn't fit through, but she does! Poor Lux seems to be afraid of going back there, so we left it open last night. The battle continues with making them use it! I refuse to move the litters anywhere else - they are just going to have to deal!

Today I am off to London to take Mom to another doctors appointment! Wish us luck!!


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love your top, you looks really great!
That bassinet is so cute, I love it!

Murdock's mama said...

I love productive weekends! YAY for 1/2 way!! :)

J and A said...

Wow nice work on getting stuff done!! I know, the feeling and needing it done NOW!! ha ha Love it. Cute shirt and you look so great!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the bassinet! So sentimental!

That does sound like a productive weekend! Mine was fun but not great for working on my to-do list.

Our heat has been on for awhile! I try to drag it out as long as possible but my hubby doesn't like waking up to a freezing cold house.

Yay for 20 weeks!

Rachel and John said...

Love that you got so much done! I have a box of bills in my bedroom that need to be shredded. It's my Scentsy starter Kit box....and it's full to the top. Must get on it.

Kae Muir said...

lots of stuff accomplished!
love the cute 20 week photo : )

Jessica and Stephan said...

Love the bassinet! And WOW, you were busy! Good for you on getting all that stuff done!

Rebekah said...

Isn't it a great feeling to have stuff get done?? We have just a couple things to finish up and I'm making Dylan do them today because it's driving me CRAZY. Gotta love nesting! You look great and yay for halfway!!


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