Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 Weeks

How Far Along:
25 weeks - November 24 - 30, 2013 
Size Of Baby?

A Cauliflower!!

Baby has fingerprints! His/her nostrils are starting to open and although we cannot hear it, baby's vocal chords are starting to form!

Maternity Clothes?
  Still mixing it up. Found this super cute owl sweater in my closet that was pre-pregnancy and I forgot I had it!!

Stretch Marks?
Still just a small one, but nothing really noticeable.
We will find out in March! 

What the Doctor Had To Say:
Good news first - baby is doing great, heart rate was 158-160, growth is right on track as far as my uterus goes. Gave me advice for the reflux and told me I could take Zantac. 

Bad news: I am now on blood pressure medication twice a day. I had been monitoring it at home (because of my history with blood pressure issues in the past) and sure enough my readings were always 130/90+. The diastolic pressure ranges from 90 to 100 all through out the day. Not cool! I have been getting more headaches, so he decided to start me on a small dose of blood pressure meds to be safe. There is no protein in my urine, so preeclampsia is not an issue, but something we are trying to avoid by treating my blood pressure now. I go back in a week for him to monitor the baby, making sure both mine and the babies heart rate isn't dropping, as well as checking my blood pressure to make sure the meds are working right. Then the following week I go back again, where he is going to do an ultrasound to check on the placenta and make sure it's not having any issues, as well as the baby. Good news is I get to see the baby again. I will also do my glucose test that day as well.  

To add to the bad news, I ended up fracturing my ankle, as well as tearing the lateral ligaments and spraining it. Go big or go home? Well it's big and I am stuck at home, with an air cast for 4 weeks minimum. At first it was supposed to be 2 weeks, as they misdiagnosed me saying there was no break/fracture, but then I got a call a day later with instruction for the fracture. 
Hit and miss. I usually get up to pee around 3 AM. If M would stop clearing his nightstand and waking up everyone when it all falls on the ground, we would sleep better (4 nights in a row we are talking). 

Baby Purchases This Week:
 Crib skirt came in! I love how it looks!!

I bought a package of knobs for the change table and ordered drawer pulls for the dresser. 

I also ordered the crib mattress and car seat - both of which came in this week, but the car seat is at my sisters. 

I feel like I am in constant buy buy buy mode, now that the nursery is coming together. 

Made this Week:
 Just crocheted away. 
M finished the dresser and bassinet and brought it home. The change table is giving us grief, I think because it is soo old, so we are sealing it with a special primer and then will try painting it again. By the end of the week M had the remaining peices finished. 

Chocolate pudding. It's all I want... All the time!! 
Still lots of movement! This feeling will never get old!! 

Overall, pretty good. Headaches are back and have been quite bad this week! Reflux is still here. But on a plus side the bloody nose is gone, but the constant drip isn't! 

  Getting some of the nursery furniture back in the nursery all painted! Love how it is turning out! What a transformation! 

I starting pulling some of the stuff I have already for the baby and placing it in the room, but I really need the other furniture! I've got receiving blankets in the laundry hamper up there to come down to be washed before putting away.

Less than 100 days to go!!!
Belly Button?

Best Moment of the Week?
 The crib went up at the beginning of the week! Now as much as I said "sh*t just got real" when we bought the crib, it became even more real when we put the crib up!
Getting to see Baby V again via ultrasound after my fall! It was reassuring to say the least.

Love how the dresser has transformed from when we first had it handed down to us in our old house to today:


Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
  Being a bit disappointed regarding the blood pressure issues. I just want to do what is best for the baby, as well as my well being, but it can be a little scary when things come up along the road. I knew going into this that my blood pressure could become an issue during the pregnancy, as my cardiologist had informed me, but I guess everything was just going well and I got caught up in it and didn't expect the sudden bump in the road. 

My laughing/crying hysterics with M in the truck as mentioned here.

Rolling my ankle going down a step was no fun either and it is considered crazy in my opinion! You can read about it on yesterday's post.

Crazy to see the difference between this 15 week photo
And this one below from this this week!! What a difference 10 weeks makes!
Bump Pic:
(pre-fracturing my ankle)
Looking Forward To:
  My doctors appointment next week to find out how we are doing. 

All the stuff I ordered to come in!! 

Becoming more mobile, as I am essentially on bed rest now, only able to get up to use the bathroom. It's going to be a long 4 weeks. 


Lindsay said...

You are looking great! Isn't it fun to see how you've grown over the last 10 weeks? I am loving the nursery color!! It looks beautiful! Hoping you have a better week and NO ACCIDENTS! ha ha! xo

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Good thing you made so much progress on the nursery and your to-do/buy list before now! Sounds like the nursery is coming along great!

Sorry to hear about the blood pressure set back and of course, your fractured ankle!

J and A said...

You will be amazed how much your belly with grow from now on out!! So fun!!

Kae said...

Boo for the bad news, but it will get better I know it will : )
love the nursery so far! : )

Hilary said...

I'm glad your husband has nightstand issues too! Josh has knocked EVERYTHING off ours numerous times. Laptop, remote, fan remote (which shatters each time), his phone, a glass of water... On to our hardwood floors that certainly don't absorb shock! Drives me nuts!


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