Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's Up Wednesday??

Another snowy day, it seems it is falling non-stop out there anymore. One perk to being stuck at home is not having to deal with it I suppose!

M took the girls for a super snowy walk last night and this is what they decided to do when they got home: 

I just love their snuggles. This pic reminds me of when G was a pup and used to lay on Lily!
 Lily also used to do this to Diamond!!
I just love the bond that pets create with each other! I love Grace and Lily get along soo well and
I love that these two are inseparable, they really do love each other!! Melts my heart!! 
I am officially finished my Christmas shopping, better late than never! The last few items should arrive by Christmas Eve!! Thank God for online shopping this year! I'm pretty sure 90% of my shopping was done online this year!! Now I just need to finish wrapping, but we have run out of tissue paper and most of the wrapable items are wrapped! We plan to go into town Friday evening to get our last minute groceries before Christmas and before the next storm hits - this one is calling for ice pellets... Fun times! 

We are just about done our Christmas baking! We have nuts and bolts to make and one other new recipe we are trying! Recipes should be up tomorrow! M made last nights batch of "M&M cookies" that we used smarties instead. He is definitely not a baker, but he tried. He is better at cooking and I am better at baking. Let's just say he smashed the cookies with a fork after as if they were peanut butter cookies, after reading that recipe stated not to flatten.... They still turned out alright! 

And finally today I will leave you with a picture of our Christmas card. I only printed two to try them out and really wasn't happy with the turn out. I refused to pay even more for more of them, so we decided not to send out any this year after all. Kind of sad I know, but the quality of the cards was poor. The backs of the cards weren't straight and didn't look any different from something I could print at home. But here is the general idea of them, 

Can you believe we will be celebrating Christmas in just a week from today?? 

Our last Christmas it's just M and I!!! 

Happy Wednesday friends!! 


Leigh said...

I ended up getting ours printed through Vista Print and it was relatively cheap. Great quality too ( had them printed on cardstock and I designed them in Photoshop)

J and A said...

I love the pups cuddling!! :) So cute! How do you think they will do walking with a stroller, I can't imagine walking too with a stroller!! You will be a pro. I had that exact same card printed at Walmart but returned then as the quality of ours was awful. :( Love them though!

Kae said...

Oh my those cuddling pics are adorbs! I still love your card!! :) adorable as well


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