Friday, December 20, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

I know I started this week of with Snowcember, but now we have an ice storm in the works. Well last night was ice, but now it's rain that will turn to ice pellets again this afternoon oh and ALL weekend. Nice. 

At least it's Friday!! Here is my 5 highlights of the week! 

We are hoping to start the bathroom renovation after Christmas Day next week! We still have no definite plan yet, which scares me, but demolition is half the process right?? 

I got dressed last night for the first time this week!! You can call me a bum! I just wasn't feeling it this week and I had nowhere to go. So I wore lounge clothes mostly and only pajama's one day. 

We went for dinner with friends last night and the waitress brought ALL of our food out at once. No appetizers first, everything. Our table was FULL!! 

The Christmas baking is done, aside from the tarts which will happen tomorrow, assuming we make it to the grocery store tonight. 

I am starting my day off dressed today! 

Apparently Instagram cut off my legs, but this is paired up with some grey leggings. 

I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family this weekend!! It will be great to celebrate with both my Mom and Dad, just like old times! Hopefully we will snap a family photo of us all together! The last one we have is from my Dad's retirement:

Just days before my Mom's stroke and turned out I was 3 weeks pregnant!!

Love this pic of M and I!
Happy weekend friends!
Stay safe!!


Christa at Forever Young said...

Such great photos! I am new here (via the link-up) and love the goldens! We have one, too! They're the best dogs! Happy Friday!

Forever Young

Mariel Collins said...

Oh my..I think we are due right around the same time, my due date is March 18! I am so excited that I found you..I can't wait to follow your pregnancy journey!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love today's outfit! I have tried to stay in pjs some days but always end up having to get dressed for some reason. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Kae said...

oh i love the outfits, boo for the ice.....


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