Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

Due to the events that have transpired since last Wednesday we have yet again enough "so what's" to provide another post.
Life After I Dew

So here we go again:

- so what if today is the first day since I fractured my ankle that I actually feel somewhat human? Amazing what putting on a pair of jeans can do for a girl.

- so what if my in-laws found an old walker for me to use around the house... Better than a rolling office chair. 

- so what if because of said walker I feel like an old lady instead of a new mom-to-be. But in all honesty it helps. 

- so what if the best part of my day is taking off the air cast to ice my ankle. I will spare you the images. (Sorry Instagram friends, although those are nothing)

- so what if I can't even recognize my ankle, between the colors coming out on it and the swelling, it's horrible looking and guess what she ain't getting any prettier.

- so what if my husband has now seen me getting off a toilet, no shame no game? It was bound to happen anyways at some point. 

- so what if while on the subject of toilets, when they told me to stay off of my ankle, with the exception of bathroom breaks - they must have forgotten (yet again) that I am pregnant and pregnancy bladders still call whether your ankle is fractured or not! So it turns out I should just hang out in the bathroom for the amount of times my bladder calls to benefit from staying off my ankle. 
your bladder: baby's first squeeze toy
- so what if I am considering getting one of those shower stools, right now I am using a foot stool and guess what, a pregnant belly, boobs and knees don't have a lot of room to move all compacted together.

- so what if despite the above issues with the stool, I can't wait to have a shower again tonight.

- so what if my poor husband hasn't been busy enough, and now he has me to deal with, on top of getting everything else done. I feel soo bad, but he reminds me of when he's needed it all from me, although it doesn't quite compare, but he at least tries to make me feel better. 

- so what if this new cell phone cover excited me. Aside from sweet baby kicks, that's all I got! 

- so what if the poor dogs keep staring me down like I cancelled Christmas because I won't take them walking in the nice weather. 

- so what if said dogs decided to empty my garbage can when I sprung house arrest  last night and scattered it all around the living room. Worst part was I couldn't just blame one, they were both to blame. And to make matters better, after that behaviour M ended up taking them for a walk in the freezing drizzle. So we pretty much rewarded them. 

- so what if the nursery furniture is all upstairs and the new light is hung, it's not like I have seen any of it anyways. It's just a big tease knowing it's all up there and I am stuck on the main floor. I told M I'm going up when the curtains come in, with his help - I don't care if I go up on my butt. On a plus side I at least got to to see our new car seat:

- so what if my floors need to be washed, I am learning (the hard way) to let things slide. 

- so what about all of the above. It could be worse. The baby is safe and in all honesty, it all that matters in my mind. It gets me through the pain, and the frustration.

What are you saying so what to? 

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Kae said...

love you new phone case and that red and white striped shirt!


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