Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Weekend Rewind

Happy Christmas Eve friends!!! I bet your noticing I switched things up a bit. My normal Tuesday post is usually my weekly pregnancy update, but I posted that yesterday so I would get a chance to wish you all a

Merry Christmas!!! 

Our weekend was icy to say the least. 

Friday night we went into town to grab some groceries, dinner and then a quick visit at my Dad's. We got a bit of freezing rain over night, but nothing like they predicted. 

Saturday M went to Cambridge to pick up my present - I guess he ordered it last weekend and had to go back to pick it up? He went right away, since the weather forecast was supposed to be dicey come the afternoon. When he got back we headed upstairs to make sure we had not forgotten any Christmas presents. We got a little side tracked and ended up sitting in the nursery for over an hour just talking about the baby, the pregnancy, what we want to do as far as finishes go for the nursery, etc. We both just love sitting up there in the nursery!! 

We made some lunch, as well as some executive decisions as far as the bathroom renovation goes. We were talking about doing a seperate shower and tub, but have decided to stick to the original foot print of the bathroom, just update everything, add double sinks and more storage. So we just have finishes to pick out, as well as a new vanity, and tub. Hopefully we will be ripping the old tub/vanity out after Christmas! Then we can make repairs if needed and then replace it all. 

We finished wrapping presents, happy to say we are officially ready!! Baking is done, wrapping is done, we are ready to just enjoy the season. I ended up having a late nap while dinner was cooking and the laundry was on. M was a dedicated doggy Daddy and took the dogs out for a walk in the rain, as we knew it wasn't going to let up and soon after they got back it began to freeze. I watched a Christmas movie on the TV and we headed to bed. 

Sunday came to an early start with M's fire pager going off at 6:30 AM! The roads were covered in ice, actually everything was. M couldn't even get off the deck to get to the truck, he had to go around the house because the gate was frozen shut. 

We ended up losing power just before 7 AM. So M came home to a dark house. The whole village was out. We stayed in bed until 9, when his next page came through. His pager was going off like crazy. He was 4 calls in before we left for my sisters. Luckily none of them were serious, just hydro lines down or on fire. 

The house was starting to get cold and M and I were running out of things to do. He wrapped my presents, put away some laundry and I crocheted. 

We were supposed to be making tarts for that afternoon, but ended up having to make them at my sisters. By the time we left the house it was only 14 in the house! We dropped the dogs off at the farm, where they had a lot of big branches down and ice was flying off of everything. It was nasty. As the temperatures started to go up, the wind seemed to pick up, but the roads weren't slippery, just trying to avoid the ice pellets, as some peices were rather large. 

We had a great dinner with my parents and sisters little family. The kids enjoyed "listening" to Baby V! So precious! 

Hannah is sure Baby V is a girl and has said that since I told her we were expecting. I love how interested in the baby she is, her excitement is through the roof for this baby to come." Brandon liked poking the baby to get him/her to kick. He also liked playing with my belly button. Lol. These precious moments just warm my heart. I'm excited to see how they will be when the actual baby is here.

We opened gifts. I got an electric razor, a new camera bag and strap, a necklace made by my sister and a nursing pj set that came with a sleeper for the baby!! Soo cute and just what I needed!! M got an x-box game and his x-box live subscription! 

We headed home around 8 PM, stopped by the farm to pick up the dogs to find Gracie in the back room with chicken sh*t all over her feet. This mama was not impressed, and neither was Grandpa who was just about to clean her! M agreed to clean he when we got home. That little brat loves digging in the fields. We will be keeping a close eye on her during Christmas Day because she literally runs that direction when let her out. Brat! 

We came home to hydro. Thank goodness!! The house was warm and cozy. M dealt with Gracie and then we settled in to relax until bed time! 

One Christmas down, 3 more to go! Christmas Day we will be at the farm, Friday and Saturday we have extended family get togethers. 

We had a great weekend despite the ice storm. Friends here in the village didn't get power back until last night. Brrr. 

I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the week with M, and family! Crazy to think this is our last Christmas as just Mike and Ashley!! Although having this sweet baby in my belly makes me feel the true spirit of the season!! 

M is working until noon today, then he will be off for the rest of week! Tonight we will go to church and then settle in nicely for the evening.
Merry Christmas friends!! Wishing you all safe and happy holidays!! 

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