Monday, December 16, 2013


Holy goodness did it snow this weekend, like non-stop the snow fell on Saturday and Sunday there were some breaks and we didn't accumulate as much on Sunday as we did on Saturday luckily. But I think this snow is actually here to stay unfortunately. We probably got about 15-20 cm if I had to guess.

Friday night I sorted through the bins of clothes my sister gave me and pulled out all the gender neutral stuff that I can put away. We should have enough to get us through the first week alone on gender nuetral. We don't have too much, but enough as I am sure when the baby arrives I will want it in pink of its a girl or blue if it's a boy. We have kept the bins up in the spare room so the transition can be done easily! I think I watched a movie on the TV Friday night as well, but don't recall which one! M cut the dogs nails, and poor Lily moved her foot as M cut one of them and man what a mess! She now has her foot all wrapped up. The nail is pretty short and M feels horrible. 

Saturday M went and helped set up the breakfast with Santa at the firewall, and then since they had enough guys he came home, knowing I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend! 

We had purchased an electric fireplace during the week, but they sent us home with the wrong mantel, so we had to exchange that for the right one, then we came straight home, gathered 3 recipes for Christmas baking and then made a grocery list. M went into town on his own - scary. He seems to spend double the amount on groceries when he goes. He was the first to buy diapers for the baby though, so I told him he won! He was excited until I told him the prize was the first diaper change. While he was gone, I went and separated his Christmas gifts from everyone else's so he could bring them down to wrap later on. 

He finally came home, the roads were super crappy, we had some lunch, he put together the fire place while I started the Christmas baking! We got one recipe done - 3 dozen of my Grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies, with extra dough in the freezer. Boy to these ever taste just like hers used to! I was pretty proud! I saw though that it was really hard not to eat the cookie dough - that's my favorite part! 

M was in the Santa Claus parade with the fire department but was using our truck to pull the departments trailer to fill with toys and canned goods, so I tagged along with him and rode in the parade. It was snowiest parade I had seen! We don't usually have this much snow yet, it usually comes in the new year. The turn out wasn't great, but I think the weather was to blame! We did see lots of people in their windows watching and we had some people on the streets, but nothing like usual. 

When we came home from the parade we started wrapping presents! We got almost half of them wrapped, but quickly learned we had no tissue paper for the stuff going in bags! We spent the rest of the night relaxing! 

Sunday M shovelled the driveways and then we headed out to Cambridge to go shopping. The roads when we left were bare and wet, but about half way there it changed quickly. The roads were crap, we passed about 5 accidents and various cars in the ditch. We found out that once we got off the highway they shut it down. 

While M did his shopping in the mall, I hobbled around Target, found a few deals, then we headed to Henry's where M needed to go - so I waited in the car. We stopped at Rona to check out their bathroom sections to get pricing. Then I hit up Michaels to get the supplies I need for my crafting - ended up saving 40% off my bill too! Luckily the drive home wasn't as dicey as the ride there. I hate being out in bad weather! 

We came home, iced my foot, as I learned I'm not quite ready for shopping trips. I didn't think I had walked too much in the few stores I went, but my foot felt otherwise. 

Then we had a family Christmas dinner with M's cousins. It was great seeing everyone and dinner was good. We left shortly after dinner, as their little girl ended up with potentially the flu. I knew I didn't want it, and I can imagine it not being all that fun entertaining with a sick little girl. When we got home, I rested on the couch again with ice and watched Christmas with Tucker - a TV movie, but it was soo good, I reccomend it if you see it on!! 

That was my weekend wrap up! Without any pictures! Slacker with the camera right here! 


Murdock's mama said...

Busy weekend! I started on some wrapping too. I ran out of boxes. :/

Murdock's mama said...

ps...what is it about husbands spending double the money at the store! Adam does the same thing!

J and A said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! We meaning J used to cut Cruz's nails until just that happened - nicked it and J couldn't do it again, now we take her in for a pawdicure! :) Take it easy on that foot! :)

Leigh said...

About time that Ontario got some snow too! We sent it your way :)

Allyssa said...

Look's like you got a nice start on your gift wrapping! I haven't done ANY yet! You're WAY ahead of me! haha!

Kae said...

BUSY!! sounds like a nice weekend though. I am way too scared to cut M's nails. I always take her to get them done... :) I hear we are getting the snow next, so I am sure you will be hearing me post about it haha!


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