Monday, December 30, 2013

29 Weeks

How Far Along:
29 weeks - December 22 - 28, 2013 
Size Of Baby?

Acorn Squash!

Baby is working hard on getting stronger and stronger as s/he grows bigger!! Last week in the twenties!!
Maternity Clothes?
Due to the ice storm, I had to find a sweatshirt that fit. My hoodie zip up sweatshirts are getting too snug and I don't want to stretch them. I found one that just fits now. Hopefully we don't have anymore ice storms that make us lose power!

Celebrated Christmas in red with my family:

Pink Blush Maternity has done it again with this red shirt! Love it!

And Christmas Eve in green from Pink blush too:

Stretch Marks?
Still just a small one, but nothing really noticeable.
Team Green!

What the Doctor Had To Say:
Blood pressure is still sitting around the same, so I am going to keep a close eye on it over the next two weeks! My belly is measuring 33cm, so a cm ahead - explains why I felt like I had a growth spurt and it wasn't all Christmas dinner!
Thank you baby for the giving me a full nights sleep the first night of this week!! I don't think I have slept that well since becoming pregnant!! The rest of the week was just so-so compared to the first night.

Baby Purchases This Week:
 Oh man, did we go a little crazy this week. But most of your big purchases are now made! Aside from the purchases we plan to make in the states when we go in a few weeks. 

We ordered the rocker/recliner for the nursery. 

I also bought a few sleepers on sale. 

We also bought the new rug for the nursery! Love how helps transform the room more and more.

Made this Week:
Crocheted away - I am well over half way done thanks to the power outage!

 Eggs are still a big no. Apple juice still makes my mouth feel funny after.

All these baked goods and sweets are right up my sweet tooth's alley! Trying to keep it all in check though.
 Baby is laying across my middle now. Movements are off to the sides and I don't feel as much, but that is because of the location of my placenta. I can watch my belly move and not feel it - a little creepy! Christmas Day the baby was kicking up a storm all throughout the day! 

Pretty good overall. Luckily the only symptoms that have lingered are this runny nose, but once again I am sure that is medication related and reflux.

I keep joking around that it feels like the couch and chairs are getting lower and lower, but I think it's because I don't fold in half the same, plus with the air cast it makes it a bit more difficult, but hopefully we can take that off next week!! 

I'm not sure if I am coming down with a cold or something? My voice is soo scratchy, but it doesn't hurt, so I don't know if it's from being dry or the masks they now make us wear at the hospital for our appointments because we didn't get the flu shot - that is when it started and it was hard to breath under it. 

Survived our first ice storm without power for 10 hours. We were lucky to receive power when we did, because friends were over 24 hours without.  

We celebrated Christmas with family and it was great. I can't even explain how truly blessed we feel this year with our sweet miracle growing up a storm inside of me! 

Received my shower invite!! Soo excited for it!! 

The baby was spoiled this Christmas already:

Baby was shy during all family get-togethers and would not kick for anyone to feel. Anyone could watch the baby kick, but when they put my hand on my belly, no kicks were had. Little stinker!!  
Belly Button?
In, but it is getting flatter and flatter. 
Wedding Rings?
On and really loose.

Best Moment of the Week?
  Taking our Christmas family photo

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
  This week was pretty tame considering we spent most of it with family! I was a sap when opening up presents for the baby, especially the ornament my Dad made us:

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward To:
   Bringing in the new year!! Soo much to look forward to, although this year has been great to us!! 


J and A said...

Wow 29 weeks!! Ah!! Love all the tops! :) looking good! Such a special Christmas. :)

WinterBenson said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! It's great you got power back so quick. People north of us still don't have power!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You look so good!! Love all your PB shirts!!

Our babies are going to be twinsies! We have the same polka dot blanket (love it!), same red and polka dot sleeper (in the 2nd picture).

That ornament is amazing!! What a beautiful momento! I also LOVE that knit sweater and hat! What a great keepsake.

That's crazy that you can see movement from the outside and not feel it! I swear I feel everything this child does!

Not sure if you have a Costco close by but they have the best hoodies that are only $20! It's their Tuffs brand. I'm sure I've stretched mine out but for $20 I don't mind it being a bit big afterwards. I wear mine all the time and we haven't had any power outages (knock wood!).


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