Friday, December 6, 2013

High Five Yo!!

Wow Friday has finally come!! I've been saying how fast time has been going, but this week dragged on!!

My week has been pretty boring to say the least, but we made the best of it. 

1) sprung house arrest today. Although it was only for a doctors appointment. 

That aircast weighs 5 pounds! 

2) my doctors appointment went well this morning. Blood pressure is stable and meds are remaining the same! The doctor said this was one way to control it, as I'm essentially on bed rest because of my foot. Huge thanks to my Dad for taking me, even if he used my wheelchair to stop the elevator doors from shutting lol. 

3) the nursery curtains came in the mail yesterday, which meant I got to go up to see the nursery!! We didn't have the proper light bulb, so the lighting was very poor, but I will go up again on the weekend to see how it matches, but I am just loving the way it looks!! Felt great to be up there again! I'm hoping to be able to start working in there next week (foot dependant).

4) loving snuggles with this little guy all week:

He takes bed rest pretty seriously, and reading up on pregnancy not so much. His little paws actually opened my what to expect app. 

He also lives feeling the baby kick:

 M caught him up laying on the nursery rug looking at the crib. He is patiently waiting too. 

5) the weekend is here and although I had to cancel my dinner plans with N & M, we don't have much on the go! Hopefully M will catch some downtime! 

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!! 


Stephanie said...

I love the kitty cat photos! Animals are such good company! :)

What happened to your foot? Did I miss a post about that?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looking good, air cast and all!

Love the kitty snuggles!! Milo likes to lay on my belly too. He doesn't pay attention to the kicking though.

Glad your doctor's appointment went well! You needed some good news!

Kae said...

Yay for the nursery becoming more complete!

J and A said...

The nursery will get done in no time!! So fun!!

Allyssa said...

You look so cute pregnant! Love your baby bump!


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