Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Rewind


We got some snow! I had to start with that after seeing how pretty much everywhere has been nailed with a snow storm this weekend. Well we only got a dusting, I did see a snow plow on our street for the first time this year, just this morning.

Friday night M hung the curtain rods in the nursery, which ended up being too far apart? But we figured we could make it work with supporting the rod better so they didn't buckle in the middle. 

Saturday M worked, while I held the fort down here at home. M's Mom came over with her sewing machine and attached the blackout curtains to the new curtains. We are going to have to buy new rods. Somehow we ended up with grease on one of the curtains, so when M got home he took the stain out (he is seriously the best stain remover), threw it in the wash, dried it on low heat and it shrunk by a lot. So we washed the other one and the same thing happened - at least they match now. M's Mom is going to come over today and shorten the black outs. But now with the new length we decided to we will move the curtain rods and patch the walls, we also bought new stronger curtain rods because the black out material is quite heavy. 

M also put the doors on the wardrobe. We noticed there are a few paint touch ups that need to be made, but we will do that towards the end of being done moving furniture around, and what not. I was at least able to fold some laundry, which made me feel somewhat productive. Other than that we just relaxed, had tacos for dinner and were in bed by 11 PM on a Saturday night. Neither one of us was were able to stay up to finish watching the movies we had started. 

Sunday morning we somehow managed to sleep in until 9!!! We got up, got dressed and headed into town. We grabbed Tim Hortons for breakfast and hit up Wal-Mart. I was able to use one of their electric scooters to get around. M was calling me hot wheels and was sure to take a picture right before I took a corner and split my apple cider! I had a trail that followed me throughout the store. But we got just about everything on our list. And I am just about finished my shopping. 

I still have M to shop for, but I'm not able to find his gift anywhere. It's sold out! We also have M's Dad to buy for, but I'm leaving that one up to M, I got my part this weekend. 

We decided to hit up Winner's super fast, which meant I was walking with the help of a shopping cart, so needless to say it was a short-lived trip, but we got exactly what we needed. We dropped off the 31 Party orders, stopped at Home Hardware so M could run in and find the light bulb for the nursery. He didn't find the exact one, but one that worked. We finally grabbed Pizza Hut take out for lunch (I've been wanting it for weeks) and home we went to enjoy and put my foot back up. 

I ordered the stuff I was unable to get online and hopefully it gets here before Christmas. 

We went up to the nursery, I put the hardware on the dresser and it looks awesome. We went into the spare room and started pulling stuff over to the nursery and put some of it away. M took a bin of girls clothes from my sister downstairs and put the other one in the nursery for me to pull out the gender nuetral stuff. I can see the mattress on the spare bed now, but it's still not overly accessible. M vacuumed, put some laundry away, walked the dogs and we sat down to enjoy a nice chicken dinner and had some down time for the rest of the evening. 

My plan is to rest today and tomorrow before my next outing, but it was great to get out of the house and to be just about finished Christmas shopping. Wednesday is my next doctors appointment and will therefore be my next outting and it will be just as long as an outting so I will be sore again. 

And sure enough I need to add one picture to this post....

We are celebrating a few milestones today!! 90 more days!! 3 more months from today and the baby will be due and this is my last week in the 2nd trimester!! Time is flying!! 

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm tired just thinking of everything you did this weekend! Hope you aren't too sore today.

Good call on the Scooter- I saw a pregnant lady with one at the mall last week. Maybe I should get one just to haul my belly around!

I think we are going to have the same issue with the curtain rod in the nursery. The window is so wide! I haven't actually found curtains yet but given the size of the window they will be heavy! Where did you find a rod? That's annoying that they shrunk!

We are hosting Christmas dinner- would it be wrong to put the guys to work to move all the furniture out of the nursery 2 stories down to the basement?? They have to earn their turkey right?? :)


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