Thursday, March 13, 2014

3 on Thursday

Of course one of my 3 things is going to be a rant about the weather!

I'm sooo over Winter! We were hit with yet another messy snow storm and to top matters off, instead of the nice +10 we had Tuesday to follow up, we are back to -30.... Turns out that Monday and Tuesday were just a tease! Here is a pic of just some of the snow we got yesterday: 

They might look impressed, but I wasn't! And I wasn't impressed when all that snow in the door way came pouring in the house when they entered! But it didn't matter which door I used, it was belly deep on the dogs no matter what! 

Moving on to number two... I found a great deal with photo book Canada to get for starting his Noah's maternity journey, which will have my weekly pics and letters! I know I tried photo book Canada before and didn't love it, but I couldn't pass up the deal, so we will try again. They replaced their screw up last time and the finish was good. I just didn't love making it - it wasn't as easy as Shutterfly! I also need to get cracking on his birth announcements!! Order premade cards or design my own.... 

Three. I took Noah to get weighed today and he is up to 7.6 pounds!!! He has also grown an inch since coming home!!! Can't believe he will be one month old on Sunday!! 


J and A said...

1 month! Crazy!! Hope the weather gets better!! Have fun with the book. I loved making ours.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The snow you guys have gotten is crazy!

Yay Noah on all your growing!


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