Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Let the warm temps roll!!! They are calling for 6 degrees today friends!! 6!!! I don't even care that it might rain, 6!!! (Yes, celius).

Our weekend was a busy one!! Friday night we ended up in town doing groceries and a little shopping at Bonnie and Togs (which is a baby store) where I found a $2.99 sale!! This mama finally got to shop gender specific!!! And a certain little boy added to his shoe collection... I may have a problem!! 

You know what I like about Carter's stuff? Leave the tags on up until they can wear it and keep your receipt! If they don't end up fitting in the right season, etc you can return it!! Hence the two pairs of sandals!! 

Saturday morning we tidied the back of the house, bathed the little man and had company. My cousin and her hubby came down for a few hours to visit! Noah slept through the whole visit. But after they left seemed to hit the fan. Noah had his first gassy attack. Oh my goodness. Nothing worse than gas (so far)! We had never seen him out of sorts like this and there was nothing worse than feeling helpless! Luckily my Mom came for the night at just the right time to help us figure it out. We tried gripe water and it wasn't helping. My Mom was going to a family buck and doe that night, so while she was getting ready, M's parents had popped into return the truck M's Mom borrowed and they came in to find unsettled Noah! So they took turns with holding and soothing him. Then when my Mom was ready, we packed N up in the truck and headed to town to drop Mom off. We popped in to buy tickets, introduced Noah to the family quickly, although even the car ride didn't put him to sleep, but he wasn't crying! 

We decided we better make a pit stop and grab some Ovol, which was instant relief!! We were soo worried we weren't going to get any sleep or that when my Mom got back from the buck and doe that he would keep her up all night too, but little man slept!!

Sunday we had our content baby back!! He was all smiles and peaceful. Which meant, my Mom could take him, so M and I could get stuff put away in the bathroom!!

 Phase 1 is just about finished and it is awesome!! Such a transition!! We still have one bin of stuff to put away, but got the other 2 bins put away!! I will be honest, I cant wait to get those cabinets for the bathroom!! We need the extra storage for a whole bunch of things!! But in the meantime, I cant wait to start using the bathroom as a full functioning space again!

My Dad popped over on Sunday as well for some Noah cuddles and that is when the gas started back up again!! Luckily Noah semi-co-operated so that M and I could get his name hung in the nursery!! Love it!! I cant wait to share the space with everyone! We still have the gallery wall to do, but I figured since we were on borrowed time, we will wait to start that project! I still have some pictures to print/frame and some to make with photoshop. 

Both my Mom and Dad headed home, just as M's friend J came over for a visit. Unfortunately he didn't get much Noah time because I ended up taking him to the bedroom to see if I could get him to sleep, as I knew he was overtired and uncomfortable.

M and I battled out the gas issues with Noah all evening and the Ovol finally worked around 9:30, I fed him and M put him to sleep. By 10:30 we were all in bed and fast asleep! M surprised me and put Noah in his bassinet. He slept for almost 5 hours! I slept great, but I guess M was constantly checking on him and didn't sleep as well! I fed him around 3 AM and M put him back in the bassinet, where he slept for another 3.5 hours waking at 7 AM!

And today he is soo far content :
Happy Monday friends!!


Aubrey said...

He is just the cutest!!!

J and A said...

Gas is no fun!! Glad the ovol helped!!love all the sweet pics! He looks bigger already! And his skin is so dark! Cute!!


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