Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday y'all.

We had a great weekend and accomplished soo much!! 

Friday I meant to blog, but Noah wasn't having any of it! He just needed to be held all day and chose not to sleep all day long, except for when I took him to get his hearing tested. Which he passed!!

Saturday M's Mom came over to watch Noah while we tried to finish outting stuff away in the bathroom and clean the dining room. We ended up getting most of the stuff put away in the bathroom, but we didn't end up cleaning the dining room because Noah needed to eat. But we changed the living room around instead while M had his Mom's help, since I am not allowed to do anything yet. I don't love the new layout, but it works for all of the baby parafenalia! 

K ended up popping in with W for a visit in the afternoon and then M had to run into town to get something for the new sump pump. He grabbed Swiss Chalet for dinner, which was alright, but they forgot to send a bag home with M, so we were missing half of our stuff! They at least credited my account! We relaxed the rest of the evening! I managed to get Noah's birth story done, as well as his birth announcements!! 

Noah had a great nights sleep, giving us 5 and 4 hour stretches! M and I woke up feeling soo refreshed and Noah was super content. We celebrated Noah being 1 month old!! I still can't get over how fast that month went!! I feel like I love him more and more each day and I continue to fall in love with M all over again seeing him as a Dad. I am soo honestly blessed with an amazing family. 

We managed to get the dining room completely cleaned, aside from the closet in there, which I'm not in as big of a rush to do. 

Wow it feels great to see my dining room table again and for the space to be soo clean!! I also love the way the bathroom is looking, feels great to have that big job finished!! Now We just have the spare bathroom, kitchen, mudroom and bedroom to spring clean!! 

J and H came over with the kids to meet Noah later in the afternoon. It was great to catch up and meet their little one. We had a nice roast beef dinner and then went for a quick walk before it got dark. We had to bundle right up, but it was great to get some fresh air and sunshine, even if it was -18! Then we relaxed the evening away!! 

Today Noah has his 1 month check up! 

this shirt lasted an hour before he spit up all over it!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!! 


Hilary said...

Beckett's outfit lasted through pictures & then he peed on it, lol.

PS. Yay for 4-5 hour stretches!

J and A said...

5 hour stretches!! That's awesome. Doesn't that feel great! :)


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