Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Noah - Week 2

Sleeping: Is getting better and better! We aren't waking him to feed at this point, but he wakes us every 2-4 hours. He had one 4 hour stretch during a nap, which was awesome! Towards the end of the week, he spent more time awake in the day and fought sleep off. But it turns out he was just uncomfortable with his circumcision, as Daddy stopped putting Vaseline in his diaper! Once he started again, no more crankiness, settled and slept fine. 

Feeding: Breastfeeding is going well!! I am also trying to pump one feed/day to help us get through the fussy hour. I don't love pumping, as breastfeeding is soo much easier, but it is encouraging seeing myself produce milk and have an idea on how much he is getting.

Clothing: Newborn size! Grandma V went out and bought him a bunch of sleepers thinking they would fit and sure enough they are too big still at 0-3 months! But they will fit him soon enough!! She also got him some newborn ones the next day that do fit! Otherwise we are getting by with the 7 sleepers we do have and trying on more outfits!

Diaper Changes: Noah is still wearing newborn diapers. We officially hate huggies diapers - they don't fit him very well. Pampers for the win! Noah has peed all over his change station, which is often nicknamed the contamination station until M gets it all cleaned up. He has only done it to me once, but M forgets to put a cloth over him before he pees everywhere. He is learning.. the hard way! His umbilical cord fell off at 12 days!! This makes me happy, as I found it creepy!!

Looks: His eyes are looking more blue now, skin is still dark, as is his hair, which is also still spiky, especially after a bath! His hair appears to have lightened up a little bit, but is still dark!  

What The Doctor Had To Say: Noah was circumcised on Tuesday (9 days old). I think it was more traumatic for M and I as they took him off, but he didn't even cry!  The health nurse came for a visit on Wednesday and weighed him and we were happy to see a gain!! 6lbs 12.5oz (naked) and then on Thursday he was weighed at the doctors and he was up to 6lbs 14oz (with his onesie and diaper on). She is very happy with his progress!

Nicknames: Stretch, Spike, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Shake Rattle and Roll.

Likes: The mamaroo! Car rides, walking when he's fussy, his fleece blanket, bathes, moving - he loves being walked around the house which M has been stuck doing because of my blood pressure, I'm more afraid to move around too much with him in my arms depending on how I'm feeling, the mamankangourou wrap, country music and snuggles. 

Dislikes: diaper changes, outfit changes, and when Daddy doesn't put Vaseline in his diaper.

Fur Baby Update: The dogs are adjusting much better! Gracie still keeps a watchful eye on him and anyone holding him. 

Personality: Super chill! He really is a peaceful baby. Now that we have figured out his fussy times, which I know will change as he grows, he is soo content! We did see the unsettled side of him, which was no fun, but once we figured out the problem, he calmed right down! 

My Recovery: My blood pressure has been super crazy as of this week, from one extreme to the other! It is LOW throughout the day and high at night, which doesn't make for me feeling all that great! M went back to work a few afternoons this week, leaving N and I alone, which we used most of the time to nap! My appetite is still not present... I'm forcing myself to eat, but nothing tastes good and it's easy to throw off my stomach with just mention of some foods. 

What would have been 39 weeks, now 2 weeks!! 

Events: This week he met my cousin Brittany, M & J brought little G over to meet him, and they were able to hold Noah without wires hooked up to him, as they visited while he was in the NICU.
We had our first outting to go shopping!! Noah slept the whole time! We also made our first family trip to the farm!! Gracie was super protective! 

We also did some newborn pic this week. 


J and A said...

Glad he is gaining weight and doing so well. I remember having very few outfits that fit D too. Little monkeys!! Hope you BP sorts itself out and your appetite comes back.

Murdock's mama said...

He's adorable {I'm still in total shock you had a BOY!} :) I remember those newborn fussies when nothing soothes them. Hang in there mama!! :)

Aubrey said...

Oh my! The pic of him smiling!! Love! And where did you get the miracle hat?!?!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

LOVE the miracle hat!! So true. You are looking great! And Noah is so handsome. :)

Hilary said...

They didn't do his circumcision before they sent him home from the hospital? Is that normal in Canada or did it have something to do with him?

Jennifer Golding said...

How do you find the aftercare for the circumcision? We are planning on doing it to and I am afraid, lol.

(pointblanc11jg on instagram)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

He's such a doll!! I just love his hair! So sweet how protective Gracie is of him.

My appetite has been ferocious! Hope yours come back.


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