Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bathroom Renovation Phase 1 Reveal!

I know, I know, it's not the nursery!! But I will be honest, I am just as happy to be able to share this with you, since Noah came 3 days too soon as far as the renovation went! So what would have taken 3 days to finish, ended up taking 2-3 weeks!!

But phase 1 is finished enough to share! We have a few small things left, but they will get done!

We hit a few bumps in the road with the renovation, like 3 walls behind the old tub. Our budget was $3000 for the bathroom and because of the unexpected bumps, we probably spent close to $4000 instead. Luckily I had budgeted for some little things to come up, so we had a bit extra in the budget to cover that, leaving us only $1000 over budget - perks to having an old home?

You can find pictures of the bathroom before HERE.

Moving on to the reveal:
The new vanity (from
We had to buy the faucets, but otherwise the hardware, sinks and counters were included!!
We ended up having to do a lot more plumbing than we planned on, but it all needed updating anyways!

Remember this mirror? It was my full length mirror I used to take pictures in! I bought a new full length mirror on a stand, so this one was re-purposed! We plan to paint it white to match the vanity come phase 2 or nicer weather!

View from the bathroom doorway. I have yet to find some art work for that wall! Might end up being a picture of Noah blown up!
The curtains are recycled from the old bathroom, and they still work for the room. The are from Ikea!

 Shower area:
Shower curtain is old, and to be honest we were just too lazy to change it. It works for now, until we find one we love or reuse one we have once we pick a color scheme.

Behind the shower curtain:
(I forgot to take a picture, but had this one on my phone!)
These shower heads are amazing!! We made a good choice as far as these go. We did end up paying a bit extra for them, but couldn't be happier!
We also couldn't be happier with the tile!! I love the high gloss finish, makes it have that chic-glitzy vibe I wanted!

This will eventually be all cupboards in phase 2, but for now we stuck the dresser back in for extra storage:

The towel shelves. I plan to get coordinating towels eventually, once I pick a color scheme to go with! I am thinking either teal or a wine color. But for now, mix-matched it is!
Toilet paper goes in the box at the bottom - which I bought at Winners! It matches the floors!! I also love the floors (clearly... I chose them), but they really suit the whole new look. 

The over the toilet cabinet will go white as well! Although I don't mind the dark wood, it at least matches the mirror! But the cabinets being put in will be white to match the vanity, so we will most likely end up painting these two.

The other half of the bathroom, minus me in the mirror! Some people complain the mirror is too high, but it is a narrow mirror, and M and I are tall. This is essentially our master bathroom, not a guest bath, although company can clearly use it (it's not attached to our bedroom), but either way, we accommodated ourselves.
Apparently Lux wanted to photo-bomb!
We also plan to remove that door and install a sliding barn door style to slide in beside the vanity, that way the door isnt opening into the cabinets, but once again, that is phase 2!

These are the pendant lights I chose. They go with the whole rustic-chic vibe I was going for! And the light isn't too bright to look at or be right beside! We have the pot lights above the vanity in the middle for overhead light and there is halogen in the middle of the bathroom, so lots of light!

The paint color is called Studio Taupe by Behr and I absolutely love it!! 

Overall I am really happy with how the look has come together!! I couldn't be happier with the results! Despite the fact that issues came up, we got through them, we had amazing help with installing the tub/tile. He went over and above and I can joke that he got his part done before the baby came! (When we hired him, he was hoping to do the job come spring time, but when I gave him our deadline, he agreed to it. The only thing I said was that it had to be done before the baby came and I was due March 9). 

Well my body had other plans and we were 3 days short of finishing! Luckily my Dad came out to help with whatever he could. We got it done, put everything away and love the turn out! 

I am soo proud of M for all his hard work in the bathroom! Not only was he renovating at the end, but he was a new Daddy too and it was a hard balance. Luckily Noah sleeps at night and is a pretty relaxed baby! But he was new and we were all learning! He did a great job dealing with the bumps that came along and surprisingly enough there was very little cussing involved as they came up! He put in some super long days in hopes of trying to finish the bathroom in time when we found out Noah was coming sooner than later and had we got the week in we were banking on it would have been done! 

So there you have the new bathroom!! 


Jenn said...

Looks great!! I really like the tiles you used in the shower!

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Looks amazing! I love it all - especially those pendants!

Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE everything you did! The lights might be my favorite! I'm totally jealous that you're going to put a sliding barn door in...I want one of those SO bad at the lake!!!

J and A said...

It's beautiful!!! I love the floors and those lights are to die for!! So awesome! Good job!

Aubrey said...

Looks awesome!!

Mrs Gable said...

Everything look awesome, but those counter doors are my fav!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks so great!! I love the vanity and the shower the best! M did a great job and so did you picking everything out!


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