Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Noah - Week 3

Sleeping: 4 hour stretches are amazing, especially during the middle of the night! Our first stretch of sleep at night is usually 4 hours and then 3 hours or so. He usually wakes around 2-3 AM and then 5:30-6:30 AM, which works for us. On Wednesday, Noah decided to stay up 1 AM (which M stayed up with him), I fed him quick shortly after 1 and then he gave us a 5 hour stretch!! I woke him up to feed! I couldn't believe it!! Another 5 hour stretch on Thursday night! 

Saturday morning he napped in his bassinet for the first time!! We are trying to transition him out of our bed (where he sleeps in the bummzie). It was rough on all of us!! M kept getting up to check him, I'm stared at the video monitor and Noah kept making noises in his sleep!! But we survived!! 

Feeding: Every 2-4 hours, sometimes hourly or half hourly, depending on his mood. We still dislike the hiccups! We have introduced gripe water, but I don't find it helps with the hiccups like the bottle indicates, but we haven't tried the full dose, just dipping the soother. 

Noah got super gassy on Saturday late afternoon, it was bad! Poor little man was just out of sorts!! Soo hard to see him like that! We ended up buying Ovol at 10 pm -amazing! Instant relief!! 

Clothing: Newborn size!

Diaper Changes: Noah is still wearing newborn diapers. our first evening without Daddy, N peed through his first sleeper, I think because Daddy had checked it before leaving and there must have been a gap in the leg. Then when I went to change the outfit, he was losing his mind and peed over the next one... two outfits down in a matter of minutes!

Remember last week when I said we hate huggies diapers?? We hate them even more now! Noah peed through a huggies diaper, onsie and sleeper while we were out and about. They just really don't work for our little man! I think we have one left... We do like the huggies wipes. 

We also stopped putting vaseline in his diaper for his circumcision towards the end of the week, which he transitioned fine with!

Looks: his eyes are more blue everyday!! Hopefully they stay that way and he ends up with his Daddy's eyes!! His hair is still spiky, skin is still darker than both M and I's - I swear my uterus must have been a tropical destination, little man has a tan! 

What The Doctor Had To Say: no doctors appointment this week for Noah, although he did get to meet our reproductive endocrinologist, who was pretty happy to meet Noah, and then we had a follow up for me with my OB. I was hoping the doctor that delivered Noah would be in the hospital today, but no such luck! Hopefully we can catch her at my next appt!! 

Nicknames: Stretch, Spike, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Mama's Monkey, Mr. Shake Rattle and Roll.

Likes: The mamaroo! Car rides, walking when he's fussy, his fleece blanket, bathes, moving, the mamankangourou wrap, country music, the bouncer and snuggles. 

Dislikes: diaper changes, outfit changes, when Mommy can't walk him around to settle him, hiccups.

Fur Baby Update: Lux is taking more and more interest in Noah, sitting beside him or sniffing him, but still spooks with sudden movement. He even "baby-sat" while I was in the shower! Noah was in his bummzie and Lux sat on guard beside him! He also checked on Noah while he was sleeping in his bassinet when he fussed. I wish I had a camera available, it was precious!! Gracie is still his best friend, love seeing these two together, Lily will watch him from the distance, but still isn't sure of him, but no one is giving me the cold shoulder anymore! 

Personality: This week he has been fighting sleep, little turkey just wants to stay awake, but then gets over-tired, which makes matters worse. I have struggled personally with getting him to sleep during the day when I am home alone with him because I cant just walk laps around the house with my blood pressure to calm him. But this is getting better!! 

My Recovery: Blood pressure seems to be dropping more and more, I am cutting myself down to one pill twice a day instead of one in the morning and two at night. Appetite is still lacking, although cookies are enjoyable! Down 4 more pounds, 11 to go - not that I'm even trying yet! 

On Wednesday we went to see my OB, who took me off of my blood pressure meds to try, since it kept dropping. He was happy with my progress, cleared me to drive and instead of seeing him in 2 weeks, we can see him in 4 for my 6 week follow up! We will follow up with my family doctor in 2 weeks for Noah's 1 month follow up! Here is to hoping we can stay off the meds, but should it spike, he have me instructions on what to do! I actually felt like a human on Wednesday, was able to go shopping, I was tired from walking but no dizziness!! 

Since stopping the meds, I have felt good. I do tire easier, but I'm often reminding myself I had major surgery!! 

News on my ankle... It is feeling soo much better!! Amazing what taking anti-imflammatories can do for healing!! 

Events: We both survived our first full day and evening of Daddy going back to work and then having fire practice. It was very tiring, neither one of us can lie, we were both beat by the time Daddy could take over! But our second day was perfect!!

We did our first outing together on Thursday to go and get weighed at the baby clinic!! Little man is back at his birth weight!!! We also went for wings in the village with friends Thursday night, so we had a chance to introduce him to a few more people, but he slept through the just about the whole thing! 

Friday morning we finished his newborn pics:

Saturday my cousin M and her hubby J came for a visit! My Mom came for the night on Saturday as well! 


Murdock's mama said...

He is just perfect. I can't get enough! Keep the photos coming! :)

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I'm so glad you are off your blood pressure meds and keep feeling better!! What a relief! The sleep thing is brutal. I hate when they fight sleep.

Good job on getting him back to birth weight! :)

Sarah said...

He's so adorable and YEAH for sleep! Love the pic of the pup sniffing him. Can't wait to see more newborn pics!

Aubrey said...

He's so teeny!! Cute little guy! I love his facial expressions :)

WinterBenson said...

Oh my word! So cute and squishy!

J and A said...

Such a cutie!! I'm sure soon you will sleep better with him in the basinette. It was sooo hard when she went to the nursery at first. He does have a tan!! Ha love it. Can't wait to see more newborn pics. Glad you are doing better too!!

Kristina said...

So sweet!!! He is darling!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm so thrilled everything is going so smoothly! I'm envious of the long sleep stretches at night! Leo does nap pretty well during the day so I guess it's a trade off!

I'm happy that you are doing well!

That picture with the grey hat is soooo cute!!


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