Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Noah - 1 Month

Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz

Height: 20.5 inches

Sleeping: We have started to establish a bit of a routine where possible!! Noah tends to give us 3-5 hour stretches of sleep at a time during the night. He is in his bassinet for bedtime, but naps where ever during the day. We also swaddle him at night time, but don't bother during the day. He will nap for 2-3 hours during the day. Noah has also started to enjoy napping on my chest, not allowing me to put him down during the day, but I have learned if I lay him slightly on his side in his bummzie, I can trick him! We also got out his sound machine owl, which he seems to enjoy in his bassinet. 

Feeding: Every 2-4/5 hours, sometimes hourly or half hourly, depending on his mood. I have also started to pump once a day and freeze my milk, trying to build up a supply, but I dont get all that much soo far, because I exclusively breast feed him, but its coming along!

Clothing: Newborn size! There a few sleepers he is growing out of when he stretches, but 0-3 months is waay to big!! 

Diaper Changes: Noah is still wearing newborn diapers. He does not enjoy diaper changes!

We had our first bath time disaster! Yes, he has peed in the tub already, but we experienced our first disaster post bath! I was drying Noah off, M was grabbing a diaper and cream, but taking his time causing me to warn him Noah would pee. Just as M put creme on his finger, Noah peed! I quickly put the towel over him, and M used his hand to block the mess, but there was pee all over Mike! We were both laughing soo hard and Noah was pretty content. As we were trying to come up with our new plan, he pooped in the towel. I am sure the look on M and I's face was priceless. I quickly put a burp cloth under the towel that was soaking through, as we continued to laugh soo hard we both crying. Luckily Noah was not crying! We decided he need to be put back in the bath, and then put a diaper on him quickly after drying him off!! The joys to having a boy!! M and I still laugh about this!

Looks: Blue eyes, and brown hair. His hair seems to be lightening up a bit after a bath.

So far I think the little man is the perfect mix of M and I! Someday's I think he looks like M and others just like me! It also depends on his expressions.

What The Doctor Had To Say: Noah is doing great! The doctor did not have any concerns! We started Vitamin D at 4 weeks and will be trying tummy time again! 

Nicknames: Stretch, Spike, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Toots, Mama's Monkey, Mr. Shake Rattle and Roll.

Likes: The mamaroo! Car rides, walking when he's fussy, his fleece blanket, moving, the mamankangourou wrap, country music, the bouncer, Lux, Gracie and snuggles. 

Dislikes: diaper changes, baths, outfit changes, and hiccups.

Fur Baby Update: Gracie is really protective of Noah! He growled at Grandma while she was checking on him. Not a mean growl, just a "I'm watching you" growl. She also stands between the stroller and someone approaching us or taking a peek at him! But she is still a bit nervous around him, I think because he is soo small! The pets are still shut out our room, but we plan to start opening the door soon. 
I sometimes wonder if the dogs feel like the dog in Lady and the Tramp. We try to give them just as much attention, but obviously there is a difference. It has been great being able to get out to walk them. They do well with the stroller. 

Personality: He is such a happy baby and is soo very content! He has been really observant lately and I just love his expressions! He is soo much more awake and alert now! You could sit and just watch his facial expressions - reminds me of the the endless photos my parents have of me with crazy expressions!  

My Recovery: I am feeling soo much better!! My blood pressure has been great off the meds. I still tire easier than normal, but I have been enjoying getting out of the house for small trips or walks. 
My incision has healed nicely on the outside, still tender and numb though. It will swell when I have done too much! I also struggle with sleeping on my right side - I will wake up in pain from sleeping on it, although I really want to sleep on that side, I am learning not to! I do have more pain on one side over the other. 
1 month post partum picture:

I have 10 pounds to go as far as weight loss goes to bring me to my pre-pregnancy weight. I gained 35 pounds while pregnant! My wedding rings are back on!! 

We would have to say Month 1 went pretty smoothly, if not - dare I say it EASY!!

He is such a good baby! We are soo blessed!!


Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE this update!! :) So perfect! I'm totally jealous of your walks outside {It's snowing again today in Iowa} :( Also...so very ready for your nursery reveal!! :)

Aubrey said...

You look awesome and I know I say this all the time but ahhhhh! Noah is the cutest! I can't get over his little facial expressions!!! :). Adorable!

Mrs Gable said...

He is so tiny and adorable!!!

J and A said...

He is so sweet! Love all the photos and the ones with you and Mike with him in the nursery. So cute. Glad he is doing so well!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Fantastic update!! So happy to hear the first month has been easy!! Keep it up Noah!!

You look great and Noah looks adorable as always! His expressions are priceless! He's such a little man!

Ohhh another nursery picture! I like it!

Hilary said...

Yay for your wedding rings! I still can't get mine on. :-(

Sarah said...

What a handsome little peanut! :)

Sarah said...

What a handsome little peanut! :)

Sarah said...

What a handsome little peanut! :)

Sarah said...

What a handsome little peanut! :)


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